Install the NIC in another slot and run the tests again. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All other options settings are left unchanged. Use multiple NICs in a client PC only if you plan to run multiple protocols or connect to more than one network. Disabled — disables the NIC’s ability to generate a remote system alert.

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The Software is licensed to be used on any workstation or any network server owned by or leased to you, provided that the Software is used only in connection with a 3Com NIC.

Windowws OK to save all changes. These files are about 33MB, and can be downloaded from Novell’s file site.

Select the Configuration tab. Click on Networks in the Network Setup window.

Review the installation instructions in the NIC’s user guide. If the PC has its own power sustain mode, you can perform a shut down of the PC and it will shut down into a suspend mode. Connect the two PCs together using a crossover cable.

Make sure that the configuration setting for the transceiver type is correct. Restart the PC and go to step 3 after Windows restarts.


To avoid installing the default driver that comes with Windows 98, follow the steps in this section. Select the client and click Add.

3Com 3C905C-TX.zip Free Driver Download

Click the plus sign to the left of the Network Adapter class to expand it. HELP Displays general or command-specific help information. The connector is located to 3vom right of the Boot ROM socket with the bracket positioned facing left. Under Network adapters, the 3Com EtherLink driver appears with a yellow exclamation in front of it.

3Com Free Driver Download for Windows 95 () –

RUN Executes the diagnostic tests which can also be specified from a file on a selected NIC and writes the results to the screen, a file, or a printer. The computer in which the NIC is installed may be defective. The Magic Packet can windiws routed to wake up a remote PC provided the data is contained within a routable packet format. For more information on the Batch 98 utility, refer to the Windows 98 resource kit. To access 3Com Facts from anywhere in the world, dial 1 on your touch-tone phone.

This process varies from 59 to manufacturer.

Assign a computer name. Refer to the Hints section for details. For this particular PC, the bit slot is not supported and 3Com suggests using any available PCI slot other than the bit slot in this system. Peer-to-Peer Networking with Windows 95 Microsoft Windows 95 comes with a built-in peer-to-peer network. There are 3 pins located on the connector.


When Windows 95 starts, it detects the NIC, and the following message appears on the screen: To use the 3Com intelligent auto install program, the PC must meet these 3c9055-tx Open the pull-down menu and 3c905-gx There are two ways to install the NIC: To update the network driver and NIC software: In the Select Network Protocol window, select the vendor in the left pane this is usually Microsoft. NCF file to the following format: There are two ways to perform the Echo Exchange Test: Determine whether you have the latest BIOS version for your computer.