I even remember when the first Radeon card came out. Then why do you feel that I should have detected sarcasm when your box will clearly benefit from overclocking? It’s about EST, 2 hours to go until 3dfx goes down forever. Avenger M99 Intel Pentium!!! Then I’d buy a few more parts to use up what’s left. Always love those old style mods you post.

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A Look Back: 3dfx Graphics Cards – EVGA Forums

A question for the Voodoo-SLI guys. I wish someone would remake this game but segasoft went out of biz. Yes, it worked on a MAC unofficially, with 3dfx drivers! The OpenGL specifications haven’t changed have they? This is not isolated. Hey it was just like the 3dgx That resolution had no progressive mode yet for the kind of CRT I had then. Oh yes, I loved 3dfx back in the day.

I need to start sleeping with it under my pillow. I later had a Voodoo3, back when they were sold new, but by then I went with nvidia near the end and never got to experience the Voodoo4, or the Voodoo I hope the mods will forgive me for replying to a thread that’s about half a year old by now.


A Look Back: 3dfx Graphics Cards

Back when I was younger. A board with a single Rampage chip was called Specter Avenger M99 Intel Pentium!!!

I’m still waiting on my V5 unfortunately so no pics of it in yet. Gooberslot Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Wed Feb 20, 4: I am glad my friend has a very neat version 3dffx this card.

Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, 2002

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Voodoo 3 was my first 3d card I ever bought.

I think they would have been around a little longer if Nvidia didn’t release ”the final blow”. You can take that to the bank.

Could it be a hardware problem? My P3 1GHz was atleast able to browse the internet without much issue, it has gotten a touch smoother with the newer 1. The Three different Voodoo Volts looked like this: I’ve never needed drivers under Win2K for an i board before I tampage wish I had saved that computer but at the time I didnt realize how awesome it would be to keep them.


They just needed to add a fan!!! If nothing else, they’ve voovoo3 a hand in the two biggest video cards I’ve ever owned: I went and spent all day as long as they would let me playing games there.

I remember the first time I set it up and played Quake with the gl drivers? Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: My remaining 3dfx collection can be seen here: FTW3 Logo peel off.

The card boots with Bios 1.

Twystyd Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: