Yet moths greatly outnumber butterflies and many rival butterflies in their beautiful colors and patterns. Dick and Pat Carlson. March 27, – 7: November 28, – 7: March 15, – 7:

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She shared her butterfly adventures regarding eButterfly, conservation, and the role of citizen science in scientific discovery. Please join Fred as he takes you on an illustrated tour to see these unique bytterfly through the seasons of southern California with the wonderful photographs of Herb Clarke.

He lives in Vail with his wife and two children. Ilavia Hairstreak Satyrium ilavia photo by Bill Beck.

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February 16, – 7: Birders and Naturalists, add a new dimension to your field experience with Butterflies flying midday!

November 27, – 7: March 27, – 7: Southern California Endemic Butterflies. Exquisite Butterflies of Lago Soledad, Peru.


January 22, – 7: Skip to main content. Join Dick and Pat as they share their images of birds, butterflies, and culture from traveling in Cuba and a remote lodge in Venezuela. And whether elephants really do mourn their dead??

September 20, – 7: Status of Monarch Butterflies Danaus plexippus in Arizona. March 15, – 7: Katy Prudic, UA Dept.

Meetings | Southeast Arizona Butterfly Association

November 28, – 7: How a Butterfly Gets its Spots: April 24, – 7: Venomous Creatures of the Southwest! Photo by Gail Morris. October 24, – 7: Yet moths greatly outnumber butterflies and many rival butterflies in their beautiful colors and patterns. Spend an evening learning about some amazing insects with Bob Parks.

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They have many interesting and diverse survival strategies. South America’s poorest country has natural wonders that are unbelievable to behold!

Impactt in the presentation will be some discussion on why we might have what we do bio- or paleogeographyreference and information on hairstreak taxonomy and its insight into evolutionary changes, and information on aspects and studied characters of these butterflies that may or may not be in the literature. No Little Brown Skippers here! April 25, – 7: This is one-third of all of the animal species on planet. Arachnids have survived million years of a changing planet.


Everyone is invited to attend. He served in this position for butterrly years before retiring in Moths of Southern Arizona.