Anyway, thank you for share your circuit and your experience. The same thing for output. How can it protect the gate. However, this is not possible since the primary has significant inductance. I’ve blown my DC power supply fuse in the process.

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Me toospent countess hours! If you can feel to vibration, meaning that the frequency is not high enough. I just need no more than 12 KV to operate a homemade Marx generator. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

For loud sparks, charge a capacitor at the output, or make yourself a multiplier. Flybacks are designed to tumer best anywhere between 15 to kHz, so some experimentation is required to find the intended operating frequency. Hi, are you using a SMPS or a rectified transformer for supply? Can you upload to youtube detail video circuit of transforrmer prototype driver.

However I noted that was spend of time, because it takes no effect.

Flyback Transformer Driver

Unless you have one of these multimeter, you should get the resistance reading out of it. A magnet plasma vortex can trwnsformer made with the round ferrite magnets found in microwave ovens. Surely it cant be to block CEMF?!


When I woke up, I tried my circuit again, and it worked with the nF cap, I did touched timer to see if it is well connected so i guess that was a problem. I don not understand how this circuit works like that in your case and the others on you tube and in my case i can only burn out components. The optimal operating frequency can have many harmonics, which will work as well as the actual optimal frequency to some extent.

But I forgot the value. Dear, What is the name of the software to made the nice stripboard layout? Thanks in advance for your kindness.

This is the fourth or fifth circuit I’ve tried and the first thing to work! Jonathan Filippi is using 2N and 2N but I’m using c npn and a pnp.

I remember the drivers of my youth, sucking hard. Actually did not understand how you connected the GND? Also, where does the negative of the second supply go? I spent a lot of time for finding resonant frequency around 15Khz and duty cycle. What that means is that the mosfet is turned on by the timer, and current starts to flow through the primary winding. Here is diagram that i am using: Lastly, use the fifth pin for PWM audio modulation — you are going to need a 0. In which case it could be left out while testing with the small transformer?


Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Do you know why? Can you help me out? I take it the 5W resister and diode combination is a snubber to stop larger back currents from the secondary coil.

Use a DIP8 socket for a quick chip replace. Oh, and of course I do not get nothing on the output of the transformer.

By the way i do not understand the ohms resistor and Uf purpose tlmer the gate. I dont get it. How many turns, and what gauge wire on the flyback primary? To allow higher voltage inputs and bigger power outputs, get a separate V DC supply a few watt transformer, e.