The Front Panel and the Block Diagram. What does it meant? In any case, does the instrument assert EOI at the end of a transmission? Message 9 of 9. My VI works fine, but I’ve just realized that I need to retrieve not only magnitude, but also phase of the signal. What class is my USB device?

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That means talking to the vendor about what functions are in the dll, the parameters for each function, and a description of each function.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

I am sorry a s i am new in this forum and thank you for your fast reply. Message 6 of 9.

The X voltage is done in exactly the same way with the SEN and 6 values averaged with the formula. Yes, lsbview may well be able to help. What I’m trying to ascertain: I try to obtain a frequency response, so I change the frequencies that are sent to the lock-in and to the device under investigation.

Remote Control of SIGNAL RECOVERY Lock in Amplifier Using Labview | Furkan Eris –

Message 14 of What I know is: Then you should try to learn the communication basics as described in the manuals of your devices.


I want to use the GPIB card to interface with labgiew Signal Recovery Lock-in amplifier model which is triggered by a motion controller stage. These functions in the block diagram can be described in 3 ways: The worked with a direct connection to labgiew computer and no USB conversion, getting the device to communicate with the Keithley device proved difficult so instead this was usen.

Since you say you have a dll, you really need to get the api for it. I am unable the modified any setting for the GPIB setting.

Making a Thermocouple Measurement With NI LabVIEW

The front panel of this example allows the user to:. In any case, does the instrument assert EOI at the end of a transmission? Labviww am the user for the computer and software.

A search within the install software folder for dll seems to indicate that they didn’t, by the way. I have to idea how to make it and be sure that they are retrieved at perfectly the same time?

What does it meant? Learn more about Choosing a Thermocouple Measurement Device.

I’m facing the same problem at the moment. You already told you can use VISA for communication, so just use it! Unfortunately this is likely a limitation of the device. Unfortunately Dennis can’t answer your questions, someone else might. Message 12 of Yes, I know there is a driver for this device.


Signal Recovery Dual Phase DSP Lock In Amplifi – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Attached is my code. This llabview why user friendly manuals, interfaces and devices are so much more important than even 10 years ago. Message 5 of Labvifw system will have a formula but for the general form of a serial Rtotal and Xtotal fort his purposes a formula was derived experimentally and theoretically from a RC circuit with a 1.

The block diagram is the ugly wiring behind the device the front panel is the good looking easy to use user friendly push and switch panel.

The R and C were treated as unknowns and made up the system. The shield grounding methodology can vary depending on the application.

I don’t think anyone can help unless you provide some information.