I promise you every review on those items are dead on. Red weight with red extension. For the most part, the majority of the clubs on the market today, look and perform…well…like most every other club on the market, which is why most of the clubs we review end up with B grades and scores in the mids. Paladin 8 years ago. Oct 12, Comments. I could not poke it out past yards! Thanks for your input.

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It put Nickent out of business but Adam’s adaks much bigger pockets and credibility. Guess I have tested way too many drivers. Adams Speedline LS Technology The fourth generation aerodynamic technology and advanced mass properties of the new Adams Speedline LS DFS Driver gives golfers up to 15 yards more distance because of increased clubhead speed and less spin.


I hope the driver can vfs my game as ffs as the reviews say the irons will. Edited by AdamsStaffer29 July – Thanks MGS for your honest review. What is the comparison to the Insight d? Marvin, the bore on the LD is. Posted 30 July – I have hit the standard non adjustable model and it was awesome. Thank you for your comment Michael…we will make sure to include this on future reviews. Bottom line, it was a great review.


Thanks for the pictures. I was also mistaken earlier about the sound of theit is absolutely fine, no tingy sound. We also reviewed the Fast 10 if you are interested in checking it out you can here: Scott drs years ago.

Thanks for your comments and opioids Richard. Gamma if you want to launch higher, Alpha if you want to go lower.

Adams Golf Speedline LS Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 2 reviews –

As I posted earlier I had already tested the Cobra S3 on a machine and came away with very good feelings but when I was able to test all these fine drivers side by side it became quite apparent that there was no comparison. Treating others the way you want to be treated is the key component to preservation of our goals. Don’t get baited into internet fighting.

I can hit about a yard draw or fade with it. Thirdly, points one and two not withstanding, a driver or any club for that matter is worth whatever someone will pay for. MTW 8 years ago. Scott VanMeter 5 years ago. Bought the standard Adams Speedline LS and am finding my drives in places on the fairway longer than ever before.


Shot a 77 from the tips with an 7. Those certainly apply to the Aldila RIP shaft.

Must be dealing with a company in China that doesn’t have a back door. The distance was outstanding, though what sold me was the ease in which I could work the ball.

Again, guys, this game is all about loving the gear and having confidence to use it. Anyway, hope that this was helpful. Because of this review, I recently purchased this driver from Ebay.

I currently have one in epeedline. On the first hole I mis-hit it and to my surprise drilled a straight boring liner down the midde. I have to honestly say that the LS is the best head of the bunch and the stock RIP 60X shaft is a great match for it.