Externally, it isn’t built like a professional camera but the images it produces are certainly good enough for professional use. And it handles the dynamic range superbly. Murphy’s law definitely applies to rechargeable batteries: How I hate serial interfaces! In our experience, this is unusual, with the LCD display of most digital tele-equipped cameras becoming much more pixelated when displaying a cropped image. When considering the possible suitability of a digital camera for professional use, I judge whether it could be used to capture images good enough for either full page, half page or quarter page in a high-quality magazine.

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Autoexposure override, using a sliding bar controlled by the EasyPilotTM button. The other images were all taken at the H setting. You’ll always need them the most when they have the least charge in them!

Even under “normal” daylight illumination, we found that a manual white point agfw produced subtle but definite improvements in color rendition.

The ‘s manual provides timing measurements for not only average image processing and display times in both record and playback modes, but camera-startup and shutter lag times as well! The viewfinder LCD on the ePhoto also has a useful “low light” mode, in which the screen refresh is slowed to allow the CCD to gather more light, creating a brighter viewfinder image.


Agfa ePhoto – digital camera Overview – CNET

The LivePix application is a general-purpose image editor, with a number of included “projects” for making various photo-novelty items. We missed the convenience of pre-programmed manual white balance settings to quickly adjust to different lighting conditions, but the manual white-point setting option produced excellent results: Most cameras we’ve tested display at least some barrel distortion, particularly at the wide-angle end of their lenses’ range.


Agfa work with Sierra Imaging Inc to produce PhotoWise, some of the best acquisition and processing software around. Simply plug one end of the video cable into the “video out” port in the rear of the main camera body under the port coverand the other end into the video input jack on your television. An ‘EasyPilot’ control – a clever combination of small selector wheel and push button – is used to select all the camera’s functions: PC Card adapter, FlashPath adapter, whatever.

Interestingly, the digitizes the image internally at 30 bits 10 bits per color channelthen picks the best 24 bits 8 bits per channel to store the image.

So Agfa never really was a digital camera manufacturer. Although we found the ePhoto ‘s exposure system to be unusually sure-footed, it is still subject to being “fooled” by unusual subjects, whether a light object against a dark background, a backlit subject, or one that’s unusually uniform in overall brightness such as a snow scene. The result was that a K mode file transferred to the Mac via the QuickLink application in about 28 seconds, including the PhotoGenie processing, vs about 40 seconds for a similar image in PhotoWise, without the PhotoGenie enhancement.

One minor quibble here though: Cycle Times Agfa is fairly unique among digital camera manufacturers, in the amount of information they provide on the timing of routine camera operations.

The combination of these lens apertures, shutter speeds, and the official ISO rating would predict a agfaa illumination range of EV10 to EV We were impressed by the total lack of geometric distortion across the full range of focal lengths, as evidenced by our “viewfinder accuracy” afa “resolution” targets, both of which contain straight lines near the frame edges.


Standard JPEG x For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the ePhoto ‘s “pictures” page. On the slow MHz Pentium, post-processing actually took longer than the transfer itself, as much as 53 seconds additional on this mode image.

Our ephto feeling is that it is a real benefit, as long as you aren’t expecting to enlarge the resulting images up to full-page size.

Also displays the camera’s built in menu system which provides different options dependent on the camera’s mode of operation.

File:Agfa ephoto 307.jpg

We examine the captured images to be sure we’ve gotten the framing right, but don’t run them through the cameras’ software unless necessary to exercise a particular aggfa, and then never until after the shooting session is over. Pressing the shutter button halfway actuates the autofocus and autoexposure systems, without firing the shutter.

Exposure Parameters Exposure Modes. First an important note for the web version of this article: Still, it would be nice to know whether the shot was properly focused, without relying on the playback mode for confirmation. Connecting the ePhoto to a computer is equally simple: If you and I can’t tell the difference between film and digital origination on these pages, then the quality is sufficient sgfa the purpose.

See Chip Shop May Use a tripod when it’s that dark! Raise your phone camera game with these useful accessories.