They include all you see in photos, included old reproduction papers, test reports for each driver and info shown. You must log in or sign up to reply here. If you note on the catalog pages Dave posted, there’s some fine print that says: Such conditions would be analagous to the average listening room or smaller broadcast and recording studio. I’d fab something out of any material you have on hand with good electrical insulating qualities.

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Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by babgripSep 2, You may also contact me for other arrangements. These strange alrec variants were born at a time, where Altec wanted to grossly hype bigger wattage handling — but rather, what they gleaned was a few notable behavioural tweaks I’d fab something out of any material you have on hand with good electrical insulating qualities.

RussellcSep 2, Originally Posted by moldyoldy.


Thanks Tom- I had to ask not know how far your driver exposure may reach! Both units work wonderfully. I have posted some photos of driver. Yes, my password is: In Bowties last post he stated that the had a smooth body, my driver has the rough body? Either driver is capable of uniform, peak-free reproduction to a point far above the range of human hearing.

SeanInstalling type aluminum diaphragms and using a compensation circuit will do more for your high frequencies than a different phasing plug will, I’d do at least the diaphragms.


I doubt the insulators were ever available as a separate item, i’m sure the only way to source laning would be as part of the entire terminal assembly. If your As have the Lansijg ‘frams they came with though, there’s likely more room for improvement there.

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Hi new member here was wondering i have a pair of a drivers i use on my system and was wondering if the G with the tangerine phase plug was better. My cart Cart is empty.

No buzz or rattles — both performed well. I am looking for a good driver combo for the z woofers I have coming in. SeanWhat I would do is use the GPA diaphragms presuming they are 8 ohm standard aluminum and make my own Model Nineteen type crossovers.

Does any one know where i can purchase replacement insulators that go in the holes of the back cover to keep terminal post from 8088-a. This manual is related to the following products: From my research on the Altec Heritage page and other places i believe that this system the is the b frommainly because it has the series 2 H LF drivers. The radial slit phase plug had already been invented, patented, and produced by, i think Bell labs, but don’t quote me on that as it might have actually been an RCA patent, i simply don’t have the time to locate that info right now, google patent searches take time.


Carefully inspected, with both music and both units swept k with signal generator.

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Another interesting note, well to some of us anyway, the new small format drivers lansiing GPA use a phase plug very similar to the tangerine, but it has only 9 slits vs the 13 of the tangerine. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

All vintage USA audio 1930s ~ 1980s

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They appear to have been, at some time serviced for the common Altec lead fatigue a common,repairable factory defect — and are both otherwise nice, solid, original and seem to be working well and reliable.

Pictured are plans and a photo a fella sent me of a Nineteen crossover he made. These factors, together with the all-important ALTEC criteria of engineering a,tec, combine to produce.

Overall performance will be maintained or improved. That will give you clear, coherant and extended highs without the formidable problems of integrating a seperate tweeter, tweeters which are often pretty dismal sounding anyway.

Compact — Easily Installed.