An application returns to Step 3 to execute other statements in the same transaction or goes to step 5 to commit or rollback the transaction. The database client release must be compatible with the release of the database management system to which you are connecting. It can be called multiple times to retrieve variable-length data in parts SQLGetData will be called for each column, and SQLFetch will be called to retrieve one or more rows: The result set combines the statistical information of the table and the data for index. The column does not allow NULL data.

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To gain environment-related diagnosis information, send a valid environment handle. Allocate the parameter buffer array.

Elements semantics The command starts. Rows Fetched Buffer The rows fetched buffer is used to return the number of rows fetched, including those rows for which no data was returned because an error occurred while they were being fetched.

ALTIBASE HDB – Wikipedia

Name of returned value, each parameter names to call the procedures or calling orderand column names of the result set returned by the procedure or column order. If the data atibase cut during conversion although there is altibaase loss of significant information for example, 1. It cannot be NULL.

  ESI [email protected] LINUX DRIVER

This information can be used to indicate the proper data type or to convert the data into another data type. The default depends on the driver.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. For more information, please visit: An application goes to Step 6 to disconnect from the database.

Error Handling Errors and warnings can apply to individual rows or to the entire function. If the input pointer indicates the valid statement handle allocated by the previous calling of SQLAllocStmtthe original value will be changed according to the result of alyibase calling. Allocation of the Statement handles The statement handle provides command information such as error messages about processing an SQL statement and status state.

At this time, you shouldn’t modify information returned by aPlan. For other data types, this column returns a NULL. It replaces the data for forLength from fromPosition with the data for valueLength in the value buffer.

To include the parameter marker, an application inserts the parameter marker in the SQL character string at a proper position. Your comments and altibae are important, and they may be used to improve future versions of the manual.

If no columns are bound, SQLFetch does not altubase any data but does move the block cursor forward. The following clients must be obtained from the database management system vendor:.



The macro value is 0. You can resolve the problems derived from compiling the existing applications to firmly keep the standard compared to previous version. Each SQL statement is automatically committed. When you need an immediate assistance regarding technical issues, please contact Altibase Customer Support Center.

Function sequence error The message text cannot be longer than this. This is because the LOB locator becomes invalid if a transaction is terminated. To bind an array of files to a parameter marker, all of the fileName, fileNameLength, fileOptions and ind arguments should be arrays.

An SQL statement has been successfully executed.: An application performs the next procedures to use the row-wise binding. There are total three conformance levels. The driver returns an empty string for a procedure column that alitbase not have a name. A statement was not prepared. Short accounts make long friends.