Are you even reading the words you type? They’re on top of the world and can dictate to hardware vendors to remove their portability shims. This and the replies on this thread from Linux supporters shows how far away Linux is to be an acceptable alternative to Windows on the desktop. The FD issue is resolved. When it comes to drivers, AMD is still a shitty company. Intel is not waiting for them to ask:

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December 14th, 2. They still couldn’t open source their current-generation drivers, but they had realised the horrible reputation of their hardware on linux was going to be a persistent PR nightmare, and thus an existential threat to their growing mobile division.

It means that without Nvidia blessing nouveau for example can’t change the fan speed but still can change clocks! By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features.

Would ajd to see FreeBSD take their code. The kernel essentially demanded they drop the idea of cross-platform driver which is what makes nVidia drivers work so well on Linux and is keeping them in lockstep with Windows releases and akd a full separate copy with a small team.

Certainly too much work for a handful of people who just want to plug their code into Linux. Comment 3 Chris Lumens But what does “infused them with money” money mean?


I also stand on the kernel maintainer’s side.


Also, usually the maintainers have far superior technical knowledge of their areas to Linus. Linux – Hardware This lonux is for Hardware issues. It’s clear that AMDGPU is only slightly improved from that situation, so I don’t anticipate myself changing that opinion any time soon. Linux doesn’t need to win the desktop or win over AMD, it krnel in its own market and has been surviving perfectly well without them.

The listed graphics driver is PLDP compliant and. Except the largest deployment of Linux in the world: I agree with the parent that they shouldn’t worry so much about upstreaming into the kernel. ISO CD images are available from http: Making the drivers doesn’t help them sell more hardware.

Linux Is A Huge Update For Both AMD CPU & Radeon GPU Owners – Phoronix

The A64 was one of the chips whose clock controller support got stuck in mailing list hell for over a year. Comment 20 Ryan Lerch Fear of missing out on kerneo segment, as well as support for super-computer configurations.

I have a pile of drive enclosures with at least 4 different port connectors on the outside and at least 3 different interfaces connecting the drives to the ports. I prefer not to have a dedicated Linux install but this thread is about sb170 to do it.


– Floppy Disk Emulation causes install hang/floppy driver load hang

I was expecting some Linus-level chewing out that I’d missed given the tone of the response, haha. Is software only considered in terms of what developers of db710 are interested in, or does it include what users need and want? If their code doesn’t meet the kernel standards and they don’t want to fix it then just package it up as kernel module and ship it like Nvidia does. However, any temporary solution may suffice.

Deucher’s remark about the Red Hat silo may look malicious and abrasive, but it has a glimpse of truth. StRoy on Dec 10, The problem isn’t runtime isolation. AMD doesn’t need this in the kernel anymore than nvidia does and they don’t.

Big guys are not getting any special treatment. I think most the arguments for monokernels have weakened with age.

If near latest kernels work with nvidia, I’ll buy nvidia in the future I’m all amd at the moment. Yes, some of them are true, but that post is no better than turning a random quote into a clickbait headline.