I am getting a speed of Mbps. One thing you must check when buying a modem is the number of downloading and uploading channels available on it; the higher the number, the better it is as it will give you better speeds and performance. It converts analog signals into digital signals to enable you access broadband internet for bi-directional data communication; you can receive high-speed internet data this way. Not sure what you mean by game downloads. Results 1 to 9 of 9.

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Please note that these new packages are not available yet and it is not known when it asiwnet be launched, but might happen within a month or so. Has anyone tried a few games on this? The modem converts analogues signals into digital packets to make them accessible by the broadband internet.

Asianet Dataline Cable Broadband Modem WiFi Connectivity Issues

However you have to apply with a photo ID proof, etc. But the fourth one Online doesn’t turn on.

I don’t have a clue on how DNS can make such a difference in the download speed. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Ever since the modem was changed, the connection has been very stable.

Already have an account? The modem was installed 3 days later. As a result of this my job is under issues.


Most Popular Modems with their Specifications

There is a script you can use to connect automatically from your kodem and connect again if it disconnects for some reason. Good to hear from Czble that D3 plans are rocking. For Xpress plans and below the upload data transfer rate just reaches kbps. ADL is providing free to use modem to annual payment subscribers and they have the option to avail the modem on lease for monthly payment schemes. Does they can be operated simultaneously in 2. You could even think of buying a modem-router combo for greater practicality.

Even after paying the hefty amount, we wont get the modem for ourselves for future use with other similar ISPs! He said it was asisnet server issue! Maybe I will be able to give an update after a month or so.

Most Popular Modems with their Specifications | Asianet Broadband

However, the router is kept functionally separate within the box. If at all such a situation aasianet, will Asianet refund the said amount or at least a reasonable portion of it? Yes even strange that gas connection bill was accepted by them as address proof for new connection but not for static ip.

Everything was fine but very recently I was facing connectivity problems on my computers which are connected to the Asianet WiFi network. Go to that website link instead and follow the step by step tutorial.


You cannot join the WiFi without providing this new Wireless key. The time now is I am using an old laptop to remain continously logged in. Since it has its own IP address, it operates at the network level also. Check Devices Connected to modem If you are suspecting some unauthorized devices are accessing your Asianet cable Internet connection and stealing the bandwidth, you can simply find it by checking the CPE Connections under Status tab.

As informed by ADL about throttling of peer to peer traffic, I have been experiencing good download data transfer rate with static public IP using Bittorrent. Hello Arun and others. WiFi Connection Issues If you are facing WiFi connection issues with Asianet cable modem, follow the instructions provided in the link below.

Unfortunately I will be leaving for my studies abroad and the only devices left back at home would have to be connected through wireless. So I called them over phone.