Dual head works fine with both the MergedFB option off and with it on. I believe agd5f yahoo. It this driver related. I have seen a lot of posts about driver performance on Radeon Any idea what I need to do to fix this? Board index All times are UTC.

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TI’s current workstation-class 3D graphics accelerators – dubbed X1 – are the you need a card dedicated giregl the purpose, and ATI claims the X is it. Description, Driver Date, Operating Systems.

Radeon PRO vs FireGL X – Technical City

In truth, if the video card doesn’t have enough memory to enable these features, it should be telling VMD ‘no’ when VMD asks for an OpenGL context with all of those features enabled. This package supports the following driver models: Human body parts placed back of the human body induced view is missing. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug.

I have seen a lot of posts about driver performance on Radeon Download drivers for ati firegl x1. Comment 3 Dan Williams I haven’t found any drivers for the graphic card yet, ATI.


The initial display on the view window is in disorder. In the previous versions of V15L12, the annotation of an animation clip flickers.

If someone could please test that and provide feedback, that would be helpful for our fireegl. Confirm the details before you introduce computers because failures have been found in some products.

This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. ALso if you are using xfree86 cvs, try: I have just confirmed other results on better HW and on other data sets. Attached log and config using MergedFB.

Display Adapters – ATI Technologies Inc. – ATI FIREGL X1-256 SEC Drivers Download

Matrox Millenium G DualHead 5. In the NVidia cards instead of crashing, their cards start paging video memory and the performance suffers drastically, ATIs driver apparently isn’t handling this situation well at all. Atj labels may not be displayed.

Comment 7 Mark Heslep Option “monitorlayout” “tdms, tdms” in the device section of your config file. Device drivers are the software interfaces that talk directly to the physical graphics hardware.

It seems a very obvious fix if thats the answerit might ssc worthwhile to check the head of the XFree86 CVS tree and see if its there. They seem to run great on my pro. With the perspective projection method, shading or illustration is displayed with a reticulated pattern. The table below describes operation verification of graphics accelerators.


When RADEONPreInitConfig is called for the second screen its entity instance is pointing to the qti head and as a consequence it uses the framebuffer and register set for the first head. All Win ; FileName: Sti just downloaded them from ATI’s site and installed them. Comment 16 Michael J. Seems you and jgalt are having the same problem? HP workstation, but their support site didn’t have any drivers for it beyond XP.

Can Catalyst drivers be used for ATI FireGL X1

I only have 2 machines the X1 will plug into AGP Proand the ia64 is the only one I’m likely to be able to test on anytime soon as the other machine is my main firwgl. When replaying a path, the display flickers. I guess that’s the next step.