Any help will be appreciated. If yes, any idea how to debug the blue screen of death. The moment I point it to the inf and sys files, I get the blue screen of death. The Atmel driver for the BasicUSB works fine with the firmware that came with this application, but if I change the firmware on the ARM7 with my own customized USB device, I get the blue screen of death when the driver is being loaded. Contribute to this website by clicking the Donate button.

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If yes, any idea how to debug the blue screen of death. After plugging in the microcontroller and powering it if externally poweredWindows will try to install a driver. Start the terminal program, select the COM port shown in device manager, e. The driver works very well. Use the dialog box to navigate to the folder containing the driver. One thing thats for sure is that the system crashed while loading the driver.


Use a terminal software program such as Bray’s Terminal. Any help will be appreciated. No much help from Atmel.

Installing the SAM-BA USB CDC Driver for Atmel ARM Microcontroller in Windows

I’d really love to see this myself! Starting Electronics Needs Your Help!

I have made the necessary changes to the atm Too bad since the company I work for buys a great number of Atmel products. The problem with Atmel is that although it has excellent products, the marketing and customer support is lousy. It can also be downloaded here:. After installing the driver, it can be tested by using the SAM-BA application software on the PC, or by using a terminal emulator as shown here.

It seems that ReadFile atm6124.ssy WriteFile can not run in the same time. Click the Windows Start button and then right-click Computer.

SAM-BA In-system Programmer

The correct path will now appear in the dialog box. I think the Atmel driver was built for XP. Windows drivers for WinXP and are not compatible with Windows atm6124.shs and You can help by making a donation. Click the Next button at the bottom of the dialog box. It is that time of the year when we need to pay for web hosting and buy new components and equipment for new tutorials.


This will insert a carriage return character at the end of the message to send. Best Regards, Michal Sieluzycki. So ,The Synchronization should be established between the Read thread and atm6124.sya Write thread. Please share any hints you may have to make this easier. Were any special tweaks needed to talk to the Atmel chip? To save the above driver, right-click and choose Save Link As No registered users and 7 guests. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the updates.

After I plug my device in, it enumerates properly and it asks for the driver. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Click Properties on the menu that pops up.