Click the “IPv4 Addresses” button. Perform the following step only if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and it displays the message “Web page unavailable while offline”:. Click the “IPv4 Addresses” button. Enable the option “Use previous DSL version”. Click “OK” to save the settings.

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Faults in the cabling or problems with the internet service provider’s exchange DSLAM can also affect it.

Therefore, check the wiring in your home: Use a network cable to connect the modem to a computer. The modem may be defective or malfunctioning. Click del the “DSL” tab. Box must establish its own connection to the internet.

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This document is also available for the following products:. Box is correctly connected to your DSL line. Open the “Tools” menu. Box’s end or at your DSL internet service provider’s exchange.

Often the Windows Update does not offer all of the latest device drivers. Box reports “PPPoE error”. Refer to the manufacturer of the firewall for information on how to set it up, for example consult the manual.


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Box can establish their own internet connections. Box acts as a DSL modem for the devices. Simply proceed frtiz described below. Box with an additional DSL, cable, or fiber optic modem, proceed as described in this guide.

Box for 5 seconds. Click the “Internet Options” menu entry and then “Connections”.

Box reports “Log in with internet service provider failed”. Click on the “Network Settings” tab. Since it may ds a while for your DSL provider to check your line, you may be charged for the service, and our experience shows that there is often a problem with DSL lines even if they have been checked by your provider, proceed as follows:. This reduces the number of errors due to brief disturbances on the DSL line: OS to ensure that it can establish optimal DSL connections under all circumstances.

Click “Change Connection Settings” and enable the option “Connected network devices are also allowed to establish their own internet connections not recommended pp. There may be a problem with the DSL line.


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Box this is the standard setting for most devices:. Cause The throughput and stability of the DSL xsl primarily depend on length and quality of the access line. No internet access” Important: Open the “Tools” menu. One of the following error messages may be displayed in the “Network and Sharing Center” of the respective computer: The restart will take about two minutes.

Therefore, check whether you can establish an internet connection if you connect the modem directly to a computer:. Rfitz assigns IP addresses. Box can establish an error-free DSL connection on a different line, have your provider check your line.

Cannot access the internet via a different modem for example a cable modem.