Can a genius be a social butterfly too? Audio engineering Audio network protocols Ethernet. Retrieved 30 July What’s that cool-looking black box? Solid to the Core and Backup Your on-air studio is no place to play fast and loose.

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Before the advent of Livewire, the infrastructure of analog radio plants consisted of miles of multiconductor audio cable wired to walls full of punch blocks at each end.

Axia Introduces New Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver | audioXpress

SoftSurface If you’ve ever wanted to give talent remote control of your mixing console — or even construct a audip console” that controls a mixing engine with no physical surface — Axia SoftSurface is what you’re after. The Time Is Now! Audio over IP AoIP has become the standard for broadcast facilities, allowing broadcast plants to xudio more powerful, less expensive to buy and maintain, and faster to build. Available in sizes from 8 to 24 faders – perfect for large or small studios.

Each iQ studio is self-contained; you don’t need to have a network connection unless you want to.

Click to see the full listing. The 6-Fader Expansion Frame with assignable user buttons far right gives you six more faders plus keys you can map to GPIO ports for control of external audio devices or trigger contact closures.


With meters like these, even Lovely Rita would be jealous.

Livewire is the world’s first and most popular AoIP networking system. Installation and maintenance was time consuming and expensive.

It recognizes and works with any piece of Axia gear, so you can instantly add IO just by plugging in Axia Audio Nodes. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Listen instantly to any network audio source, right on your computer desktop.

The concept caught on, and before long, other manufacturers were making their own AoIP broadcast equipment. Solid to the Core and Backup Your on-air studio is no place to play fast and loose.

IP Audio Driver

Appearances can be deceiving. Axia iQ Console System. The phone gurus at Telos built one just for us, called iQ6 that’s short for “six lines” and “very smart”. The following table lists ports and protocols used in Livewire systems.

The Telos Alliance is a founding member of the Media Networking Alliance, which promotes adoption of the AES67 standard on behalf of the pro audio industry.

Axia Introduces New Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver

Four Show Profile memory positions let you set, save and recall snapshots of console settings for later use. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Dozens of prestigious broadcast hardware and software manufacturers provide products that integrate seamlessly with Axia IP-Audio io.


In a neverending effort to optimize workflows, broadcasters want to take advantage of what AoIP enables next: There were many hurdles, such as latency, lost packets, adia prioritizing audio over other traffic on the network.

Livewire (networking)

Fusion is the new Axia modular console packed with features and capabilities refined from over a decade’s worth of IP-Audio experience. Routing Control Panels Fingertip routing control, just where you need it. Now, that’s very smart. Audio engineering Audio network protocols Ethernet. Six-fader Axia RAQ console provides a convenient way to add a physical mixing surface nearly anywhere, no matter how space-limited.

Overengineered for your protection. Anonymous visitor awesome – did the trick Anonymous visitor from New Zealand. Radius 8-Fader AoIP Mixing Console Radius is an all-in-one console system designed for medium-to-small standalone or networked studios, where no more than eight faders are needed. OLEDs are bright, high-resolution displays that are sharp as a tack and highly legible. Fast EthernetGigabit Ethernet.