She’s unfortunately reminded every day of the bad. Jane said, “Jennifer was in very critical condition when she came in from the car accident. The night of November 5, started out on a high note. Morgan Harrington Investigation In Depth: Jen stated, “I forgot how to do everything. J en’s father Andy stated, “Its hard everyday.

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Now at 18, Josh is man enough to give advice to his peers about drinking and driving.

Bedford Co. Family Shares Story About Impact of Drinking and Driving

Huguely Trial In Depth: But they all survived. That was followed by several months of therapy away from her Lynchburg home at Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center where her parents could not always be by her side as they were battling their injuries from wheelchairs.

How to brush my teeth. Jane said, “Jennifer was in very critical condition when she came in from the car accident. Pastor remembers woman killed in Bedford County crash. J en said, “There are so many kids who come to this hospital and to be picked as the Comeback Kid…that just made me realize, wow, my story must really mean something to them.

CBN TV – Nothing Less Than A Miracle

I even had to barrivk how to swallow,” said Jen Barrick. Jen stated, “To actually believe this used to be my home is very hard and I think this just proves again how far I’ve come and that blows my mind.


Jen continues to recover through weekly therapy and still has a long road barridk but that never gets this Comeback Kid down. She is joyful she is encouraging others” says Linda Barrick.

Jen Barrick continues to do what was once thought impossible While those around her sing her praises. Before the accident Jen could do all of that and more as an accomplished athlete and an inspiration to her family and peers.

The night of November 5, started out on a high note. Hannah Graham Investigation In Depth: She was already barick, meaning she was making reflex movements, meaning her brain was under significant pressure. And it was unbelievable, even when she’d scream in the shower because it hurt so bad, they would just cover her with towels. Both of her pupils were dilated and not reacting. Friday, May 9, 4: Like drinking and driving how it has affected my family permanently,” said Jen Barrick.

I love this verse because all its asking of us is love and if we love him, this verse is technically hut He can heal me, He can do beyond what I even conceive as possible.

Get a designated driver or stay home because the ripple effect is huge,” said Andy Barrick. She hir to fight and she clings to her faith. Jen gets her strength through the people who continue to help her at UVA and her strong faith.


The Barrick family was nearly killed on Waterlick Road seven years ago by a man police say was driving drunk. Click here to read about the Barrick Family Ministry.

The Christian Broadcasting Network

Comeback Kid of the Year: One Forest family is helping get that message out. Traveling down a path of uncertainty and hitting many roadblocks along the way. I had to do a lot of things 11 year olds didn’t have to do. Parents of Lynchburg’s latest homicide victim trying to piece everything together.

Comeback Kid of the Year: Jen Barrick – WVIR NBC29 Charlottesville News, Sports, and Weather

Jen and her parents Linda and Andy were critically injured; her brother Josh was also hurt. A foul-mouthed parrot uses Amazon’s Alexa to order things when his owner is away.

Linda stated, “They loved and they cared for Jen. Just one mile from their home a drunk driver hit the family head on going 80 miles per hour.

It has been a year and a half since Jen Barrick entered into the pediatric intensive care unit at the University of Virginia, a moment in time for which she has no memory.