Narrow your search by forum. This room has 10 cubicles where subjects can be tested. I’m not sure if I follow you. It needs a double booking: I can implement that workaround for the rest of the script as well if you want to, in addition to the practice part. It’s just reporting the codes it receives to you.

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Retrieve a line triggered event from the box.

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Huh, that’s very strange. Sometimes it stopped working after the first page, sometimes it did not start up XID device not found and sometimes it didn’t work even for the first page.

Every button has a unique value for the down press ” s “, ” s “, ” s “, ” s “, ” s “, and ” s “BUT have the SAME value for the release all have ” s “. Peter, I am using the RB response pad in a task that requires capturing both the button down press and release for two separate players simultaneously.

Info about messaging format e. The EyeLink system is an advanced eye-tracking system, based on the non-invasive acquisition of eye movements using video technology. Making an reservation to use the department cambio card is recommended to avoid double bookings. If so, you would need to ask Cedrus about that again.


To avoid this, you need to record both separately. Voicekeys The department has custom made voice keys: The EyeLink plus system is an advanced eye-tracking system, based on the non-invasive acquisition of eye movements using video technology. Now it runs with both Inquisit 4 and 5. Were you asking about other modes of this box? Problem with RB Cedrus response boxes. A file summarizing our tests of the precision of the timing is here media: This is a faculty lab room!

I’m not sure if I follow you. This video-based technology avoids some of the disadvantages inherent in systems that use semi-invasive electrodes or contact lenses, including drift and noise artifacts. This problem is seen on a Windows PC as well on a Mac. There are two setups in the room: Unfortunately, this presents an additional problem since Presentation starts the scenario with an initial state of 0.

Reset Your Password Remember Me. What adjustments in Presentation would you recommend I do to try to capture unique releases? The button-box we have used for our “sensorimotor synchronisation” experiments is a Cedrus RB response pad.


Yes they are exactly the same numbers coming from your script. Thus, the “start” buttons will be releases, and the “end” buttons will xedrus presses.

After that, the port response device using that channel will display buttons 1 start1 end to rrb-730 start8 end. Reaction time specifications with eprime 2 by Pascal Mestdagh: Then you need these lines at the start of your code:. Windows 7 64 bit; Eprime 2. The University has a contract with Cambio Car Sharing.

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Matt Snodgrass Check their current status:. Submit Lost Login Create Account. What do you mean by “release code”?