In general the LCD panel clock should be set independently of the modelines supplied. Try reducing the clock. However, 8 and 24 bit colour depths seem to work fine. In addition to this many graphics operations are speeded up using a ” pixmap cache “. Dual-head display has two effects on the modelines. Hence the maximum dot-clock might need to be limited.

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The servers solution to this problem is not to do doubling vertically. You can avoid this by either using the ” NoStretch ” option or removing the HWcursor ” option. As use of the HiQV chipsets multimedia engine was supposed to be for things like zoomed video overlays, its use was supposed to be occasional and so most machines have their memory clock set to a value that is too high for use with the ” Overlay ” option.

Hi-Color and True-Color modes are implemented in the server. The user can force the panel timings to be recalculated from the modeline with this option.

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Legal values are 2 to inclusive. The Xserver assumes that the framebuffer, if used, will be at the top of video ram.

This is a problem with the video BIOS not knowing about all the funny modes that might be selected. You have been hechnologies This disables use of the hardware cursor provided by the chip. This option might technologids used if the default video overlay key causes problems. In this case enough memory needs to be left for the largest unscaled video window that will be displayed. For instance, the line. Typical values for the size of the framebuffer will be bytes x panelbytes x panel and bytes x panel.


Some technollogies prefer to use clocks that are defined by their BIOS. If you find you truly can’t achieve the mode you are after with the default clock limitations, look at the options ” DacSpeed ” and ” SetMClk “.

This option forces the second display to take a particular amount of memory. Firstly, the ct chipset must be installed on a PCI bus.

It is completely ignored for HiQV chipsets.

By default linear addressing is used on all chips where it can be set up automatically. For the chips either using the WinGine or basic architectures, the chips generates a number of fixed clocks internally. However careful use of this option might boost performance.

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The formula to determine the maximum usable dotclock on the HiQV series of chips is. There are therefore a wide variety of possible forms for all options. Gamma correction at all depths and DirectColor visuals for depths of 15 or greater with the HiQV series of chipsets. This has a different effect depending on the hardware on which it is used.


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The flat panel timings are related to the panel size and not the size of the mode specified in xorg. For other screen drawing related problems, try the ” NoAccel ” or one of the XAA acceleration options discussed above. However some video ram, particularly EDO, might not be fast enough to handle this, resulting in drawing errors on the screen.

For the HiQV series of chips, the memory clock can be successfully probed.

XFree86 believes that the 8bpp framebuffer is overlayed on the 16bpp framebuffer. Display might be corrupted!!! If this is a problem, a work around is to remove the ” HWcursor ” option. Leaving too little memory available for the cache will only have a detrimental effect on the graphics performance. But assuming your memory clock is programmed to these maximum values the various maximum dot clocks for the chips are. It is enabled by 655550 for machines since the blitter can not be used otherwise.