Ok, I repeated the exercise again, this time without VMware running. Below is the relevant output from ‘dmesg’. No, what I was inferring was that I was able to download a few packages using WinXP, and then I copied these to my Ubuntu shared-folder. How to I get to the “real” google site say in the US instead of the one here in Thailand? And to add on to what slackula stated, issuing a lsusb -vvv will give you that information plus a whole bunch of other information. Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0 [ By rooster59 Started 9 hours ago.

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When I’m back state-side I tend to curse it alot because it does not ship with certain packages which I deem to be essential; but of course, when needed I can download the packages pretty much at will. Without an internet connection in Ubuntu, I don’t think that there is an easier way to do this.

Edited September 8, by Gumballl. By rooster59 Started 44 minutes ago. Have you tried starting the machine with the card inserted? Posted August 23, It all ends in Ayyuthaya, but works fine in the North, and the North East.


Who do I contact i. Evdoo, if possible, I need to figure out how to download the relevant packages, while operating under WinXP, then transfer them to my Ubuntu system via a Samba mount; then install them using apt-get or whatever Ubuntu uses. By rooster59 Started 10 hours ago.

I am starting to believe that this driver version 0. Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted October 31, By rooster59 Started 9 hours ago.

For your convenience hit the box “show modem status in menu bar” From your menu bar you can dial your modem. And to add on to what slackula stated, issuing a lsusb -vvv will give you that information plus a whole bunch of other information.

Is service available to “tourists”? Thieves stealing from bags and 60 baht for an egg targeted. Is it possible that the CCU is “new” and hence there isn’t a driver available for it?

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C-motech CNU-550pro CDMA EV-DO modem

Ask and you shall recieve. Currently I am missing the “connect” application from the connect-proxy package ; ditto for gnone-PPP. By slackulaMarch 27, in Linux in Thailand. Posted September 15, By PhilAtUbon Started 5 minutes ago.

The CCU, An EV-DO USB Key | OhGizmo!

Than add the telephone numberaccount name: Here’s what I got As I mentioned before it has been over 8 years since I relied on PPP for dial-up access to the internet. Pulled off their page here.

Posted September 9, According to my very poor Thai reading ability, you’ll be bale to contact them by calling:. Posted August 25, A couple of things come to mind: