They ran on Windows Mobile SE. When you place the old and the new model side by side, you can see the subtle differences. More on that later. The answer is “Not much. As such, the status and fate of the iPAQ line is unclear. And Compaq’s expansion sleeve solution was too big and bulky. The new iPAQ perfectly fits into all of the old expansion sleeves.

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In addition, the has 6MB of Flash memory to store user data. As of Aprilno new models have been announced. The device went on to become far and away the most successful Windows-powered handheld ever. October 4, — When Compaq introduced the iPAQ early last year, it was met with a chorus piaq criticism by naysayers who decried its lack of an internal expansion slot.

Pen Computing Magazine: iPAQ

In terms ipa under the hood performance, there aren’t any noticeable changes. After a rough beginning where expansion sleeves were nearly impossible to find, it became obvious that people liked the flexibility of multi-format expansion sleeves. Even if the connector were the same, the dock’s plastic cone that ipaaq into the older iPAQ’s AC jack has nowhere to go, thus preventing its use with the new model. A substantial number of current and past devices are outsourced from Taiwanese HTC corporation.


Compaq iPAQ H3800 Series Pocket PC

The larger capacity battery is definitely welcome. Windows Mobile could be installed on the H, H, h and possibly other models of the H3xxx series with sufficient ROM capacity.

Well, Compaq with the new H Series, Compaq has addressed all of those problems. The new placement makes the screen look slightly smaller but that is an optical illusion. It sits lower in the new iPAQ’s housing, likely to make room for the addition of the multi-function lens.

All of a sudden, it was the competition’s indoor-only TFTs that appeared to be a compromise.

It is no longer needed because Compaq switched to an entirely different power supply arrangement. They wake up the device when pushed, are software programmable, and have tiny icons on them. The stylus compartment is now springload. When you place the old and the new model side by side, you can see the subtle differences.

The amber one on the right indicates charging status, while a blue one on the left shows Bluetooth operation. Compaq probably also didn’t deviate too much from the original opaq because the “old” model lives on in the form of the H clmpaq that benefits from minor modifications primarily to accommodate Pocket PC compared to the initial iPAQ.


Its internal Lithium-Polymer battery, for example, didn’t provide the battery life expected. H or H [5]. The new iPAQ perfectly fits into all of the old expansion sleeves.

The nickname of the architecture is “bitsy,” after the name of the ARM -based chipsets used in many of the machines. The new one is slightly longer due to the plastic lens. Finally, Compaq addresses user two of the most urgent user requests by adding an internal SD slot, and a more powerful battery. Retrieved from ” https: However, there were a few areas where the original iPAQ was lacking. Retrieved 17 June It is no longer actively maintained since And the dual cable adds a lot of bulk.

The expansion strategy gamble likewise paid off. It is slightly shorter and rounder, and the occasionally troublesome button release of the original iPAQ is gone. HP iPaq h h Review”.

Retrieved 13 February The hx series and some later models are upgradeable to newer versions of Windows Mobile. Finally, the iPAQ’s design was sleek and different, and ipaaq a winner.