The company I used repaired my laptop, but the repair only lasted for 7 days. I have to fiddle around with the connection for it to start charging. But it has the wrong Bios on it. I am glad I found this. Power Button Board

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How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

Any insight on this would be appreciated. Just changed the CMOS battery dime shape batteryfor a new one and the laptop does not start!! Then it goes quiet, remains that way with the blue light still on for about 10 seconds, then powers down presxrio its own.

Before you remove the motherboard from the base assembly you have to disconnect the audio board cable. I formatted the vista home and installed xp pro and now am loading the last of the drivers. ANy ideas on what might be causing this?

HP Inc. HP Compaq Presario F Notebook PC – Citrix Ready Marketplace

I also switch my power suply between Cojpaq and the broken one. I am having an issue with my S-video. Does the DC Power Jack just unplug or is it soldered in and does this sound like what the problem is with my laptop? You told me to check the video cable conection and its ok.


I already have changed the inversor and nothing happen, so I changed the Backlight It was not easy and when I power it on I can see the light is working but the screen is nos showing anything, the screen is in black. Remove four screws securing the display panel.

These were also on the left side of the LCD display. The bigger sticker had these numbers. Displaying System Information I tried to plug the vga output to an external monitor but nothing happened, still no video, I tried to reset bios, I took out the battery of bios and leave it unplugged around 16 hours I took the main battery also but nothing happens still the same result. But laptops touchpad doesnt.

Do you have a F laptop motherboard that you can peel the yellow tape back to take a peek at those connections? What is your oppinion? Remove four screws securing the top cover assembly.

Compaq Presario F700 – Notebook PC User Manual: Adjusting The Volume

Hey i also have a compaq f Managing A Power-on Password f7700 No power to monitor. No thanks Submit review. I installed it and it seems to work windows runs. He freed it and it powered up fine. Due to the design and manufacture of this laptop series, the Video Card, the Network card and the CPU are relatively close enough to gether to cause a problm this is comign from HP themselves by the way and something to do with the CPU getting a bit too hot, causes the video chip to run hotter, causing the network adapter to severely overheat.


The humidity was very low in our office yesterday and I got zapped a few times, once when I picked the laptop up before I took it apart. Maybe your failure somehow related to memory.

Okay, although i did do that, now i have a replacement cable, and when i compsq to push it back in, its going to bend the pins on the end of the cable…. I can get it to power up for a second or two but then I have to let it sit for awhile before I can get it too do it again. Additional Hardware Components But, what about the fan and heatsink?

In cases like that I take apart the display panel and reconnect all ends of the video cable. Removal And Replacement Procedures