No partitions are necessary. Dealing with a company that is not on a rapid growth path may not be as exciting, but dealing with one that is profitable and intends to stay that way is very compelling. In this example, it is Local Coraid Disk naa. Make sure you download the appropriate driver for your configuration. This article did not resolve my issue.

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Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration …

In the procedure below, the version and release numbers in the file names are replaced by XXX. Damage that occurs in shipment, due to act of God, failures due to power surge, and cosmetic damage is not covered. Like other IP storage technologies, it uses Ethernet cabling and switches to connect servers to storage arrays but that is where the similarities end.

Request a Product Feature. This guide uses the following terms that might be unfamiliar to you or are specific to Coraid products.

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How can I install this driver successfully? Licensee may not remove any titles, trademarks or trade names, copyright notices, legends, or other proprietary markings on the Software.

Use high-quality cables when connecting to these ports. Before you can use your storage as described in this section, make sure you have satisfied the requirements detailed in Requirements. Customers wanting more of a turnkey experience can work with a Coraid reseller. Furthermore, more than one EtherDrive HBA may be installed to achieve further redundancy and throughput.


If vmeare device has yet to be initialized by the Linux SCSI layer, the device shows up as init instead of the device name. How will Coile keep Coraid history from repeating itself. Static discharge can destroy the circuits etched in silicon microchips or dramatically shorten their life span. The act of claiming is only required by one ESXi host.

The customer must submit with the Product as part of the claim a written description of the hardware defect or Software nonconformance in sufficient detail to allow Coraid to confirm the same. Can that vmeare anymore? The utilities described in this section rely on the ethdrv module that you loaded in To install the EtherDrive HBA driver on your Linux host.

When the ethdrv module is loaded, ckraid Ethernet broadcast is emitted on all HBA ports requesting that AoE targets report their existence. What’s new in XenServer views 10 slides.

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration – TechyLib

The answer is simple: It is the partner’s responsibility to verify that the configuration functions with future vSphere major and minor releases, as VMware does not guarantee that compatibility with future releases is maintained. More Information Less Information. It is executed with no flags or options.

  9NZ2A4 500 DRIVER

Coraid may use any technical information Licensee provides to Coraid for any Coraid business purposes without restriction, including for product support and development.

No coraiv are necessary.

For translated versions of this article, see: Open Source Used In Cisco 3, views 5, pages. Repaired or replacement Hardware will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period from the date of original Product purchase from Coraid or its authorized reseller. The Software is only licensed to Licensee and is not sold. For customers wanting a more robust data services capability, Coraid offers its VSX, which is a storage virtualization engine that manages multiple SRX storage arrays.

Coraid and EtherDrive are registered trademarks of Coraid. Isolate the SAN from other network traffic so that it is dedicated exclusively for storage. Disk drives supplied by Coraid as marked and Certified disk drives may be returned to Coraid for repair or replacement during the Warranty Period.

You acknowledge that this Agreement is a complete statement of the agreement between you and Coraid with respect to the Software, and that there are no other prior or contemporaneous understandings, promises, representations, or descriptions with respect to the Software.