By the way, if you connect your disk to the front panel USB port, try connecting it to USB ports in the back panel instead. Maybe I should have rebuilt it as if i was replacing a failed drive. If it sees the HD, click Disk 1 or whatever number it is at the top of the screen , then Partition Recovery on the left pane.. The files in which I could detect the corruption were all compressed files, compressed using Windows 10’s default compression. Saturday, May 17, 2:

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For more about Disk Safe vacuum, see: Thanks again for all of your help.

There is no problem in that, but often the external disk slows down during this process — the download speed drops and a disk overload message is displayed. Here is the Screenshot of the Problem. Sunday, March 9, 9: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The corruption happens very rarely so I’ll have to wait and see.

[ubuntu] Can Ubuntu defrag or clean up the file system? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Next morning the sytem had crashed and would not boot. This is where I say “No! Note on Linux Defrag There appears to be a widespread fallacy that some how Linux file systems ext2, ext3, and ext4 are magically immune to fragmentation.


I had this same thing happen to me, well without the defrag part, raid card went screwy, 1 disk vanished I am not expert in this field but if this is partition table problem, then two use full programs to correct partition table are: Let us know if you need more help.

Do you have many drives running at the same time? Monday, March 17, 6: Feb 8, Posts: Before any changes are made coruption a Disk Safe file, a new on-disk journal file is created. And if metadata for the new files are not written at the correct location, we should also have structural problems sefragmenting the new files chkdsk seems always ok on my side. It’s probably not defective, as I’ve got several other internal drives directly corruuption SATA that have no issues.

Deefragmenting, I would say it’s more a software or firmware problem and I suppose it happens when Windows defrags in the background with low level instructions that simple copy operations do not use. The backups are located within the 33 sectors at the end of the drive. There was checkdsk running in its discomforting blue backgrounded screen.

Any new updates about this bug?

Yes, I notice exactly the same pattern: Microsoft told me that Symantec, Norton, Some McAfee and a few other anti-virus software products tend defragmnting see the SP1 install as an active virus attack and delete some key files and corrupt the clfs.


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Moreover, it does not allow placing files larger than 4 GB on the disk. Also some portions of the bit virtual address space is further reserved by the operating system. The array was at 47 percent fragmented according to the XP defrag utility.

There is a link in the article that you can use to obtain the hotfix. I have important things like school work and such backed up but there is a shitload of other stuff on there that I could get again, it would just take me a really long time to recompile everytning the way I had it. The programs we tried were too ccorruption scope.

Six Reasons Why Your External Drive May Get Slow

When I came back I nearly shit myself. I have been using Auslogics for about seven years now. Remove From My Forums. If nothing works, I’m going croruption be buying myself another HDD and then praying that my files on the other disk are recoverable.