All in all a wonderful trip. Having left the bitumen but twenty miles from Wyndham the gravel road became dusty and rough, but it was possible to keep going at a reasonable speed. Many of the creek crossings are being bridged, which makes for a much smoother ride, and grids on this section are few and far between. Gum trees in the Snowy Mountains not far from Canberra. Off I set down a very rough track, very narrow and twisting between high banks before dropping fairly sharply to the bed of the creek—up the other side to a house and a hand pump. Driving a modern motorcar over mainly sealed roads should present no problem to a properly prepared vehicle.

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However, an added hazard was the setting sun and this eventually pulled me up for a short rest.

My grateful thanks to them all. Speeds allowed are 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 and the changes from one restriction to another are numerous so it is difficult to remember to what speed one is restricted at any given time—not that this is always relevant since the amount daavid traffic is often such that you cannot reach the limit anyway! Continuing its impressive upward trajectory, MG Motor UK has once again achieved record-breaking new car registration figures across its growing dealer network.

The rain went on all night, as did the gales and I set off to Perth on a very miserable morning. hima

The road I selected from the coast to Thredbo known as the Alpine Village turned out to be almost Scottish and was both scenic and twisty whilst climbing about 3, feet. At the time I thought it was pretty terrible, but now I think it was not so bad, having done the round trip and experienced really rough going!


Being somewhat more sophisticated than the standard car a davif interest was immediately taken in mine. I had found Australians to understate on matters of this kind, so I chuckled quietly to myself and set off into, so far as I could see, oblivion.

But after ten miles one is almost fed up with the sight of them, though hism keep appearing all the way round. Off I set down a very rough track, very narrow and twisting between high banks before dropping fairly sharply to the bed of the creek—up the other side to a house and a hand pump.

All sources of information were unanimous that such a trip should be made between May and October as this is the dry season in the tropics south of the equator. In order to do this it is sometimes necessary to do quite vast mileages in a day.

At one of these I hoped I had taken the wrong one when I rallt myself face to face with a deep, fast-flowing stream. But fortunately there was no mechanical damage.

David Hiam – rally profile

Canberra, daavid been properly planned as a capital city from its be-ginning, is very fine and quite unique in many ways but it seems to lack a soul. The next goal would be Port Hedland. The Rock itself is surrounded by oceans of thick red bull dust and three small motels.

Kimber House Christmas Hours 10th December Surprise there was a detour, which, lo and behold, took me onto a new bitumen road.

Round Australia…in GT style

My last tropical night had been spent at Onslow and it was quite a cold one. The additional ground clearance given by the Abarth exhaust, in conjunction with six-leaf rear springs, proved adequate but necessary. Going this way was somewhat farther than going direct to Norseman, but after all those vast expanses of nothing in the North West it was pleasant to be surrounded by wooded land and all the colours of the rainbow: Having refuelled at Mt. This one was straight away very rough, quite twisting, and from time to time a choice of direction with no signs.


As it so happens the river only runs on two or three days a year, and never in September when the regatta is held! It abounds in hotels and motels and would appear to exist very largely on tourists.

But of course the roads are not really narrow—the bitumen is just wide enough for two cars to pass but the overall width of the original gravel road is probably around 50 feet, so there is plenty of room to manoeuvre. But the following four hundred was gravel and seventy-five miles of this was quite the worst road of any I found right around the coast. The road is sealed all the way milesthough not in the best condition and with a considerable amount of works with the inevitable detours.

Ecurie Cod Fillet ECF Rally Team Rallying Navigators Drivers

Instead of following the coast from Melbourne to Sydney I had decided to pay a fleeting visit to the Snowy Mountains and spend one night in Canberra, for after all a tour of the country would be incomplete without a visit to the capital. I decided I could do it easily, especially as my notes indicated some stretches of bitumen ahead. A view of Alice Springs. However, apart from the petrol pump failure and one broken exhaust bracket, the car ran perfectly for the entire trip.

Now I was approaching the end of my run in the tropics—in fact not more than miles remained.