This sectionprovides detailed instructions and procedures for configuring your gateway cable modem to operate correctly andpresents an example of each WebWizard page. Your gateway Web pages will appear on the remote computer. Ethernet Illuminates solid green to indicate that an Ethernet carrier is present and blinks to indicate that data is being transferred on an Ethernet connection to the cable modem The corresponding LED on the DPR is labeled PC. Do not use a liquid cleaner or an aerosol cleaner. Configuring the Default SettingsYou can use the default settings, or, if your system requires different settings tooperate correctly, you can change the default settings using the Setup BasicSettings — Network Configuration page.

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If a wall switch controls theelectrical outlet, make sure the drp is in the ON position. In other words, the ports are not held open, and the ports close if no outgoing data is detected on the selected ports for a period of 10 minutes Use this page to configure an IP address that is visible to the wide area network WAN.

Start display at page:. Follow all operating instructions that accompany this product. Then, follow the subsequent installation procedures to ensure proper cable modem gateway operation when using wireless network devices. Contact your cable service provider orconsult the documentation for your USB network devices for more information on selecting USB network devices.


Is there a Hardware Address listed in this window? Do not expose this product to rain or moisture. If you do not have a high-speed Internet access account, you need to set up an account with your local cable service provider. What are the Wiring Requirements for Ethernet Networking? VentilationThis equipment has openings for ventilation that protect it from overheating. Ysb are three well known public time servers entered as default servers.

For a 3-prong plug one prong on this plug is a protective grounding pininsert the plug into a grounded mains, 3-prong outlet. Enter 5-byte values for a Key. The ideal location for your cable modem gateway is where it has access to outlets and other devices.

drp Other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners. Authorized clients are selected by MAC address. Field NameDescriptionAuthenticationClosed NetworkAllows you to disable or enable the network toaccess by wireless clients.

These filters block a range of IP addresses from accessing the Internet. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

WebSTAR DPR and DPR Cable Modem Gateway User s Guide – PDF

Start Here Follow these instructions to set up your router. For products that require battery power or other power sources to operate them, refer to the operating uusb for those products. The following diagram illustrates one of the various USB network connection options that are available to you.

If you want to connect more than one USB network device to the cable modem gateway or to your computer, you will need to purchase and install a USB hub.


Scientific Atlanta EPR : – Scientific Atlantic Gateway Cable Modem User’s Guide

If no, you must power off your Macintosh. Installation and Configuration Overview.

The gateway cable modem can support several Ethernet network devices using either the Ethernet port on the back panel of the uab, or external Ethernet hubs that must be purchased separately. Then, contact your cable service provider or qualified service personnel to obtain service for the following conditions: To connect Ethernet devices Read the warnings and caution on this page. If there is a check mark in the option, deselect the option, and then click Info in the lower left corner.

Home Wi-Fi Gateway Instructions 1.

Cisco DPR2320 Installation And Operation Manual: Install Usb Drivers

You can use a large variety of USB network devices with your gateway cable modem. The DPR has only dprr 1 Ethernet port. Cleaning This Product Before cleaning this product, unplug it from the electrical outlet. Do not forget your password. Connecting and Installing Internet Devices You must connect and install your cable modem gateway to access the Internet.