Recently it did work, but then I did a lot of test with 2 different TV cards and A and different drivers. Analog, interlaced video is what devices like VCRs, laserdisc, and game consoles output. An hypothesis is that some motherboard agp speed issue might be the cause of such behavior. It provides the user with a level of image quality unknown to PC owners until now. So I’m using DScaler to process video before sending it on to my projector. Sat Oct 01, 9:

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DScaler :: View topic – How can I switch back to DScaler driver

Reeboot and when the card now pops up and asks for an installation, ignore. Use the “Video adjustement” menu or shortcut keys.

DScaler isn’t intended to be an all-in-one desktop video utility. Look for a detailed description in the hardwwre help file. The pro-grade oscillator is needed because of over-the-air being so unreliable.

Also if you have this file but are not observing problems then don’t worry. The first run after you have done the above the log file should show something like this: Since this time, more and more users and coders have joined the dTV community and are using it on their htpc rather than using hardwaare line doublers.


Also the installer packaging has to be done For some reason the uninstallation doesn’t work. Dec 1, Posts: DScaler works with its own driver and accesses the hardware directly on ring 0, hence driver differences are not an issue. I have investigated this particular error before.

Apr 26, Posts: More and more people are giving DScaler a try. At this point, you can play around in the menus for a bit to set some of the countless options how you like. Web Design by Studio7designs.

There doesn’t seem to even be a way for me to configure dscaler via the menubar since the program quits so suddenly. Testing More and more people are giving DScaler hsrdware try. Can you tell me what is to be done to install the driver manually?

Select specify your tuner card, hardawre type, processor speed, and preferred default from the dialog box that appears on startup. Generally, if you have a low or mid-end PCI card, which will almost always use either the bt8x8, cxx, or saax chipsets, it will harxware supported.

For more information about the advanced features available in DScaler, please see the Help documentation. Sat Jun 26, 6: See this picture where macrovision has been added to the video signal.



This one is reserved for “Everyone”, independet from languages. I can’t make it repeat at will. I get dropped frames? It will usually fix it if you search through the registry and delete any entries containing dTVdrvnt. Other examples of this phenomenon can be seen here ; avs: All times are GMT – 8 Hours.

So you dscaleer stop messing around with them. Try it out like that: DScaler is able to analyze certain test patterns from commercial DVD and then adjust the video settings of the capture card so that the output signal from the capture card is the closest as possible with the real content of the test pattern stored on the disc.

DSCaler settings (and video games)

DScaler is an amazing piece of software. After this DScaler should work immediately but if not you can try a reboot.

Thanks very much, i will try later to port with info to our online sheet.