Im looking for a review, unfortunately no luck. These are the following: See above for information about installing required packages and loaded device drivers. It allows processors to use power on demand to increase performance. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Displaying current settings and status.

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So compiling a system with -O3 will have the effect that a few applications run slightly faster at the expense of the rest of the system running slightly slower and becoming less responsive.

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Therefore 5a30 is less of a problem on systems with large amounts of RAM. Setting the current Long Run Thermal Extensions setting.

Displaying current settings and status. Take mobile processors for example.

ECS – Laptop Power Supply – TopMicroUSA

A manufacturer can modify a desktop motherboard, pop in a desktop processor, desktop memory, and use a desktop chipset to create a desknote system at a fraction of the price of a full-fledged notebook.

Not wholly convinced by the wiki though – the remainder of the flags are taken from the kernel’s make file: Page History Login to edit. Building a mobile computer out of desktop components helps the price of a system quite dramatically. You might want to move to it.


Mon, 08 Jan Setting the Long Run mode flag. Log in Don’t s530 an account? The following command can be used to display the current settings and status: In the case of the Transmeta Crusoe TM, the two flags performance and economy are available.

We took our first “desknote” system about a month ago in our ECS i-Buddie 4 review and, as we predicted, more desknotes have hit the market. That is no small feat, being that ECS is one desnkote the top five motherboard producers in the world in terms of volume.

Really, there wasn’t that much of a performance boost, but I’d do it anyway. All times are GMT. To set the performance flag using the longrun utility, the following command can be used: Wed Jan 10, 2: Please feel free to comment on the Wiki, or contact Dean Michael Berris for questions and clarifications.

Re: [plug] Linux on ECS Desknote A530

Components made strictly for laptops come at a high cost premium. To set the LTX to the highest sensitivity? Setting the performance mode flag Long Run CPU’s have different desknite mode flags, which can be set using the -f option of the longrun utility. You have Binutils 2. Intel’s mobile version of the Pentium 4 1. What effects -O3 has -O3 is the highest optimization level and could possible make faster code but the applications that benefit from it are very few, usually image and video decoders and such.


Tue Jan 09, This page shows how Ubuntu 5.

Valid values range from 0 to 8 where a setting of 8 turns off the extensions. This functionality may or may not provide you with different performance per watt characteristings than the -s flag.

Tips may work on previous versions of Ubuntu, but testing would be necessary to confirm their effectiveness. Consult technical docs for more info.