To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Hi, Man if you can get it to work in 64 bit anything windows I would buy you a case of beer. Software-side I found the following info on the Steinberg forums, adapted it to my system and got the serial drivers installed and working under Windows 7: Amazingly, to my surprise and joy, it looks as though there may be light at the end of this tunnel? I reckon it will be hard, you might have found this thread already? Post by Danny Post by Danny Could likely be that the ‘. Joeri Vankeirsbilck

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Logic Pro Help

Bigup Paolo the Steinberg forums! Might be worth trying out. Post by Danny After installing the latest Unitor driver Windowsver.

That’s one of the reasons I’m still on xp. Hi, Thanks Cyrano, but these aren’t obsolete, and I doubt its not a driver.

XP drivers for Emagic Unitor 8 MKII – Avid Pro Audio Community

It would take maybe one day to put the drivers out. Did you obtain the source code? Also, look what they did with Sound diver. Michael Haydn Posted on Feb 11, Sadly this totally craps out in Windows 7, and runs very buggy in XP. It might all be phooey but then again I ran a test with same song same plug in with 9 and There’s a free 60 days demo, so check it out!


Haven’t touched the stuff in many years now: I’ve located this compressed file http: Pin numbers are normally embossed into the plastic next wndows the pins; you may need a magnifying glass to see them. This might also prove helpful in your quest relates to Win 7 32 bit though as it describes the necessary regkeys that are touched by the install program for XP:.

Make your AMT8 and possibly your Unitor work under windows 7 32bit using the serial connection! After installing the latest Unitor driver Windowsver. When they came out with logic 7 they dropped os 9 support.

Post by Joeri Vankeirsbilck Hope this helps, Joeri. Since the AMT8 is fabulous hardware, it might be worth the investment. I haven’t unitorr further yet to hook up a midi device however, my initial test looks encouraging enough to me to keep me motivated towards my goal.

Hi, Man if you can get it to work in 64 bit anything windows I would buy you a case of beer. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but its all rosey until they come for YOU. What you can do, and what I am currently doing, is running a VirtualBox with WindowsXP to configure the interface and then use it as a stand alone merger box.


Emagic Unitor8- Amt8 And Mt4 Unitor 8 Driver Download

User profile for user: Post by Alvaro Villalobos Subject lines must contain: Get a Steinberg Midex and everything’s fine – at least on 7. For now only the midi-routing is implemented, but i will add the filtering matrix in the future. I sent that case, but Wjndows knew it worked on Linux. The original cd-rom came with an application from Sounddiver that allows configuration of the stand-alone mode patches.

Hi, Way to go yorky! But only with WDMA.