Now you can see your track more easily and tell how much signal you have. Previous topic Next topic. Maybe I should check that and I will. Simply put, it was a pain and I wasted enough time on it. When you switched to other view do you see your guitar signal. I had to turn it off or nothing recorded.

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I took it all back out again and never will try it, unless they actually get that software to work, and my computer is not the problem. I’ve tried everything everyone fejder suggested.

ASIO driver problem

If not, read on I know these inputs are the Mustang. I am NOT on Win If you’re on a Mac I can’t help. The amps clock will be ticking on the computers asii bus, so syncing to a stable high quality clock from an audio interface, rather than motherboard chips, will be a big help.

fsnder Right click in the box for recording devices and check the show disable tab. When you switched to other view do you see your guitar signal.

I only played with it for about 10 mins last night but after another few mins looking at it today I can now hear what I play through my PC speakers and turn the Master Volume on the amp, off. Still, I can record using the same amp and software as you so give it a try and see how you go. I have NOT tested this.


Do you have any other audio apps open? Generally speaking, getting your desired sounds with hardware and software knobs at 8 or lower, will reduce noise and promote clarity.

Recording with a Fender Mustang – Ultimate Guitar

Frnder essentially the stuff that ASIO4ALL was using to make it work better than nothing at all it would wrap itself around those Windows audio driver and trick the programs into working better can now, supposedly, work well on their own.

I have downloaded the fender universal asio driver, but still no joy. I maintain an open mind I’ve even seen situations where merely having it installed interferes with the operation of a dedicated driver for an external audio interface. The OP was asking about the use of asio for his Mustang amp, the hijack is now opened the asio4all can of worms. Essentials Only Full Version.

It’s usually something very simple. I had to restart Ableton live again and it magically said ‘active’.



I gave it a try and it still didn’t seem to work. The little green ‘flag rectangle’ I assume the GT’s output is 48khz and 24bit. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Yup no middle ground me: Click the gray one.

I can see signal on your meter. BobF Max Output Level: If you can, you’ll see the audio level monitor thing move as asil play your guitar.

Fender® Forums • View topic – ASIO Driver for new GT Series

Got it to work – in a fashion. Thanks for mustanng time and effort. For some reason, the first time I went through everything, it was saying my amp was idle, even though it wasn’t. I’ve realised I’m spending to much time messing with programmes and not playing guitar.