First the installed firmware version appears on the screen. Traffic Report Daily Unique Visitors: FCHD10 Replace the lens by the new one and tighten the screws carefully! Handle the change carefully and take your time! Alexa Search Engine Traffic. This is illustrated quite well in the video I took of Portland Lighthouse below. No more free memory left.

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Not Applicable Delicious Shares: De handleiding is 1,52 mb groot. Europe, Asia and Australia: Please charge the battery before you are going to use the camera the first time! The opened camera head and connectors can be damaged easily. cok

Your co-operation is vital to ensure the success of these schemes and for the protection of the environment. To stop press the button again. Switch off the microphone if you only want to watch the video without any sound. Unable to switch ON the camera Battery is not plugged correctly. You need to download the manual from www.

Untighten the screws with a suitable Phillips. Bijvoorbeeld een creditcardnummer, een persoonlijk identificatienummer, of een geheim ckm. Connect the camera with your computer using the included USB-cable. The resolution for video is x which gives excellent full-screen video.


Handleiding CamOne FlyCamOne HD (pagina 1 van 14) (English)

The focus of the tiny lens is much better than version one, and the video is noticeably sharper. If you’ve any comments then use the forum link below where we can chat all things FlyCamOne.

It tends to have a green tinge when the auto-exposure does not recover completely. Don’t forget to check out my video below.

While charging the light is red flycamond turns flycaone as soon as it is fully charged. Right most you will find the tripartite battery status. It also shows the choosed mode and camera status recording. How to insert the SD Card Remove the comport cover protecting the sockets and the card slot. You are responsible for your acting. This time the mount is fixed by straps. Display icons Top left you can see the selected mode. Battery charging The inside battery is not fully charged when being purchased.

It may be better to stabilise the plane with an autopilot. The Y-cable enables the simultaneous use of the CarcamOne-cable and screen! Display Domain Stats or Pagerank Widget for this domain on your website. This is not a defect and will not have any impact to the recorded video or photo! English als bijlage per email.


CamOne FlyCamOne HD

Another welcome change is that the controls are on the side, and easily accessible when the camera is mounted on its custom mount. FCHD07 you can use the cam for surveillance — just plug the cam into the 10pin port on the station.

I mounted the camera sideways so that I could do left hand circuits round the lighthouse without having the flycwmone interfere with the video. Charge the camera for at least 4 hours. Li-Ion batteries are recyclable, and a valuable resource.

Do not switch off or take out the battery before the recording has been stopped or as long there is access to the memory, indicated by a rotating circle.