Installing a parallel port printer You can usually install parallel port printers by following these steps. Getting Started Buttons Tablet control buttons Press the tablet control buttons to control the convertible tablet PC while it is in tablet mode. Depending on the device driver you are reinstalling, you may only need to restart your convertible tablet PC to complete the installation. The User Accounts window opens. Type the keyword games or network games in the Search box smnb [ arrow. After connecting, the Welcome window opens. For more information, see “Identifying your model” on page

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This function is only available in some programs. Internal wireless label A label similar to the following indicates your convertible tablet PC contains a wireless communications device.

Always store the pen in the Gateway convertible tablet PC’s pen holder when not in use.

Gateway M275

If you use your convertible tablet PC several hours every day, you probably want to run Error-checking once a week. Microsoft WordPad starts and a blank document opens. This type of network does not include access into a wired network or the Internet. Always use the pen that came with your convertible tablet PC. For instructions on how to select multiple files and folders, see “Keyboard shortcuts” on page The Advanced Appearance dialog box opens.


Left touchpad Right touchpad button button Rocker switch Touchpad When you move your finger on thetouchpad, th epointer arrow on thescreen moves in the same direction. Your original CDs and guides should contain any serial numbers or product ID keys that may be required for program installation and registration. The Pad Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned on.

Rugged PC – Rugged Tablet PCs: Gateway M

Be careful not to break off the tabs found on the bottom of the bezel. You ntwork also adjust settings such as the screen background and screen saver.

For more information, see “Keyboard status indicators” on page Web pages can contain text, animations, music, and other multimedia features. Changing the desktop background You can change the Windows desktop background picture.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: M USER MANUAL”

As a part of the regular startup process, a program to check the disk status runs automatically. Do not apply heavy pressure to your convertible tablet M725 or subject it to strong impact.

To adjust the screen resolution: See “Installing a printer, scanner, or other peripheral device” on page 49 for more information about attaching a printer to your convertible tablet PC.

Getting Started 50 www. Tips Holdthepen thesamewayyou hold a writing pen, and steady your writing hand by resting it on the display surface.


If you do not have an Internet service provider, the update utility works by direct-dialing the device driver update service. Maintaining Your Gateway M www. The Display Properties dialog box opens.

The Search Results window opens.

You can recover any file in the Recycle Bin as long as the bin has not been emptied. For information about connecting to a wired or wireless Netwofk network, see “Networking Your Gateway M” on page While the Disk Defragmenter program is running, do not use your keyboard or mouse because using them may continuously stop and restart the defragmenting process.

To connect a digital camera: A pop-up menu opens on the desktop. OfficeWorks Great!. This docking connection is certified to UL for use only with port replicators designed for your Gateway convertible tablet PC.

To connect the AC adapter: For more information about programming the rocker switch, see “Changing the touchpad settings” on page