The pounce wheel is designed to pounce perforate holes either perfectly aligned or off-center to the direction of travel. Do not over-tighten the set screw or the pen could be crushed. Page 73 Plotter Adjustment 6. Page 81 Plotter Adjustment 5. Convenience Convenience plus GS15 has many features that make it easy and convenient to use:

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Additional pens are available through a Gerber distributor. Substrate Accessories Wood Substrates.

Grimco | Gerber GS15 Plus Plotter

Grimco SKU select options. Press either RUN key to cut. There should be a gap of. The tool loses position in the middle of a job.

Gerber Gs15 Plus Vinyl Cutter Plotter GS 15

Press hs15 arrow key to access diagnostic. Installation The plotter has a 25DB female connector with these pin assignments: This item is not available for purchase on Grimco. The pen holder, knife holder and pounce wheel holder may be removed from the tool kit and stored here for easy access.

Inspect your test cut. In testing, over 10, one- inch letters were cut using a single blade before testing was discontinued with the blade still cutting satisfactorily.


Requested product not found. Do not use slew keys or orientation for the current job will be lost.

With one finger on the motor pinion, notice if the jack shaft gear moves while the pinion remains stationary. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the cover screw at the rear of the tool force housing see below. Add Plotters plus 12 GS15 Note: Report any damage to your dealer at once. To access special diagnostics 1. Cutter Gerber Fastrack Owner’s Manual 89 pages.

If the plotter consistently fails a special diagnostic, contact Gerber Field Service Department ator fax at A caution statement contains information which, if not observed, could result in damage to the equipment.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. When the power is on, never try to manually move the carriage, move the drum, rotate the tool, or force the tool up plus or down. In normal or slow mode, the platen or tool move continuously as long as the arrow keys are pressed.

Load paper in the plotter. Everything you need to make custom vinyl banners including material rolls, banner stands, hem tapes, grommets and banner blanks. X08 Cut Test 2. Place one or two drops of oil on each side of the ball bushing as indicated and in the oil hole.


Tape the ends securely to prevent the roll from unraveling. Page 26 plus 16 GS15 2.

A full selection of application tapes, heat transfer films and cut pus including reflective, translucent and transparent materials. Over 50 Locations Across North America Over 50 locations throughout the USA and Canada, Grimco provides on-time delivery on a wide variety of sign materials, vinyl sign supplies and more.

Compare the test plot to the illustration below. Convenience plus GS15 has many features that make it easy and convenient to use: