When I debug the tests to the click action, then the Modal window was opened and stayed there after the click , and the tests could continue. That’s one of the solutions in selenium 1. And also use wait before getWindowHandles , but it will always retuen me only parent window handle. I know I’m gravediging here but here goes anyway: So setting a timeout and catching it for dialog checking could be one option. Suchit Parikh 1, 1 10 Code example JAVA webdriver:

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Code example JAVA webdriver: But I was able to run the Express Server and have a look at http: Can you provide any hints? I had a popup dialog which is dynamically generated and hence undetectable in the original page source code Here are methods which worked for me:.

Thank you for looking into the issue. If you have a theory for the root cause or have identified and reduced a reproducible bug, include a description and any relevant code or URLs in your comment and mark it as a root cause suggestion. This thread is dedicated to supporting “timeout on page load”: Any statement written after the driver. Any code after the method are not executed until get returns.


I’ve used that for dealing with file dialogs and download dialogs. Hi Louis, Were you able to run the repro I provided? I don’t think you can waitfortextpresent in seleniumIDE, unless the dialog you were referring to is a mocked html dialog.

Edge WebDriver can’t handle Modal Windows

Since mouse clicks are asynchronous, you’ll need to wait for a bit to make sure the popup window appears. Identifying a root cause helps us resolve issues more quickly.

Here are some examples of how to do that. I am not certain there is enough code provided to run your repro.

[webdriver] Switching from parent window to modal dialog

Ij had a popup dialog which is dynamically generated and hence undetectable in the original page source code Here are methods which worked for me: I am wondering how you are displaying the modal.

The point in this issue is where to inject the condition checkings for the presence of the modal dialog, as the webdriver.

About the repro, I also provide the test code, becasue it is the start point of the test, so just create EdgeDriver and click on this button. Mukesh rawat Hi, Iam using selenium 2.


Danny Guerrier It sounds like the application is not opening another browser window and is instead opening a modal. Hi Steven, sorry for a late reply. Rakesh Hi Mukesh, Where you able to figure this out? Unfortunately, I was not able to run your repro.

It works as expected, except when it comes to modal windows:. I am attaching 2 files: Hi Louis, I understand the issue now.

Steps to reproduce I am writing webdrier and there are some places that when I click on a button, a new browser as in New modal window will be opened.

[webdriver] Switching from parent window to modal dialog – Grokbase

I am using getWindowHandles function but it doesn’t gives the dialog window handle. I have tried it, it works for you.

Kn Trajano 9, 4 80 So is it working for you or not? If Modal dialog found is printed in Console, then Modal dialog is identified and switched. Thanks Mukesh mrawat gmail.