No one ever wants to be one to have to fill up the trays, so the best you can hope for is for the tray to not require regular filling. All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. There is a float inside that moves up as the waste toner increases. Look for a printer that has an appropriate capacity for the number of users who will be printing many office printers come with a standard tray of sheets. These fuses should be replaced every cycle. If you pressed the “No” key, the display will say “Toner Count Clear?

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Save the other half and use it in another cartridge that way you minimize the chance of the waste chamber filling up and spilling toner in the printer. Except for my clients who are into professional printing, I would reommend them. Unless your vendor will cover drum damage, don’t do it. Go for a colour laser printer if you will also have a need to print colour documents on a regular basis.

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This buying guide is brought to you by. The OEM fuse looks like a black transistor. There is a small clear piece of plastic on the waste chamber with a black plastic float inside. The cartridge for the Mita is an all-in-one unit that includes the drum, fuser, etc.


Leave this counter alone!

The following information will allow you to reset the toner, Drum, Machine, and the fuser page count. This first counter is the Machine Printerr Count.

Refilling laser toner cartridges?

This is the same fuse as used in the cartridges. Printing from Cloud services is also supported in many printers these days. There is a float inside that moves up as the waste toner increases. But if you still want to refill it yourself only use half of the toner in the refill kit.

Click on the “Drum Counter Reset” tab. This will allow you to plug the printer in to your network router and share it among the panasonicxkp6100 in your office.

The next counter that will display is the Drum Count. Jul 16, Posts: The small fins on the bottom of each are in different locations. This will clear the drum count on the printer.

Turn off the printer. This must be spotless and the float should be at the base. The machine then takes readings from its sensors to measure the charge of the developer and drum.


My work uses refills, but their HP, don’t know ’bout Mitas though You should also consider if a printer can take XL or super-high yield cartridges, which can offer a better overall cost per print and a longer duration before the toner needs to be replenished. I don’t recommend refilling all in one type units. I mean it eats them literally. The duty cycle is the number of prints that the printer is rated as being able to print on a monthly laaser.

Unfortunately almost all of them require a different reset procedure.

Top 10 things to consider when buying a new laser printer

For further information on Brother printers, please click here. Any attempt to reproduce any part of these instructions without the written consent of Summit Laser Products, Inc is prohibited. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. The Mita cartridge is only good for app.

The tape will then break releasing the lever finishing the reset procedure.