For more information, consult your local authorized Canon dealer. Nov 23, 5: There is no utility for the OS Version you selected. Then they added a Netgear un-switched hub in between the Canon and the HP switch and the problem appeared to be resolved. Therefore, words or images near the edges of the document may not be scanned. You can use the preinstalled default key pair, or generate an original key pair with the machine, to use as the default key pair.

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Imagernner 1 The IPv4 address is set to ‘0. Internet Protocol enables data from one computer to be split into packets, and sent to another computer with a specific IP address. A DNS server is required for the latter case: Be sure to enter a unique name that does not exist as a name for another computer or printer on the same network.

For details, consult your network administrator. On the [Access Control] sheet, select the level of access control.

Page Index Network Environment Setup Procedures Network Environment Setup Procedures Before using the machine in a network environment, it is necessary to perform the following setup procedures. Ask a question Reset.

Canon Dual Custom Processor Shared. For example, if you are using Windows XP and Macintosh computers, you will need to specify the settings described in both “Sample Windows Network” The key pair set as the default key pair is used for SSL communication. Specifications Main Unit Specs Type: The appropriate USB interface differs depending on imagdrunner operating system of the connected computer as follows.


Page Portable Document Format. You can also erase unnecessary key pairs and server certificates, and set the default key pair.

Up to 8 IPv4 addresses As for Q2, I don’t see how you could get the driver to enable the Job Accounting setting but then get a communication error. Nov 23, 5: If you are printing from Windows, each computer must have a printer driver installed. Out of curiosity I disconnected the hub and connected the Canon directly into the new switch and to this day we have not had the jmagerunner issue Network Connection Problems And Remedies Network Connection Problems and Remedies This section describes the causes of network connection problems, and how mzc resolve them.

Canon iR C Mac driver trouble – Apple Community

We are using job accounting but I have tried without, having no better luck. Standard Network Scan Utility: Telephone Line Type Depending on the type of phone line that you have, set the machine to touch tone T or pulse P dialing. The Canon would ‘fall’ off the network and would need a full power cycle to get it connected again.


Page Remedy Perform imagrrunner following steps to correct the machine’s password setting: Since the ipad print features are new a day old I figure you might not even know a solution, but I thought I would try.

Canon imageRUNNER C2550 Network Manual

In this case, enter a user name and password. You can use the SMB server.

You can also erase unnecessary CA certificates. In the print dialog, if you then change from the Preview menu to the Special Features menu, there is a button under the printer image c255 Printer Info.

Canon imageRUNNER C2380i

Network Connection Problems and Remedies This section describes the causes of network connection problems, and how to resolve them.

For more information, see the relevant descriptions. Page 38 SNMP v. The protocol used to connect to the Internet and wide area networks. Mac OS X