You can use those siege engines to garner another achievement. ArcaniA Gothic 4 Guide. You can’t join your friends just yet, so go ahead and pass through the next panel to your right, where you’ll find some enemies of your own to battle. As you hold it, you will see face buttons masked to available party members. Proceed gradually toward the west here as the trail permits. You don’t seem to take any damage when the fire strikes near you and the monsters will be fried in the blaze.

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There’s still trouble, though, in the form of another fire gigas. Still other items will be hidden behind rocks that may need to be broken with weapons. Approach it slowly as Aya warns you that enemies could be hiding nearby. You’ll need to go north, then east and then south to Sapran. Take care of them, then proceed along the other branch in the path. Pass through it and you’ll find that the hallway ahead branches.

There’s some lumpers in the back of the room you can hit with it too. Exit the tavern and head left. This redkless does a ton of damage even on this difficulty, has multiple AoE attacks and one of them stuns everyone hit by it.


Costume Quest 2 Guide.

Infinite Undiscovery Walkthrough – Page 3

You’ve now talked to everyone who can do you any good at present. From where you entered, head left and you’ll find Scamper facing a wall.

Try to avoid them as much as possible, of course, and eventually you’ll move past them to find the trail opening into a wider area. You have to battle until the on-screen meter the blue one empties to win the day. I recommend that you do the same for your first attempt. Now return to the big room where we got Edward.

Infinite Undiscovery Cheats

Past that you’ll find a dead end hallway. You’ll see airborne enemies circling here, but they die as easily as any other monsters if you stand below and use your upward slash to ground them.

After the guard is down, continue along the pathway head right briefly to grab a MEDICAL HERB from the base of the tree there, but otherwise hold left and then pass through an opening, recless where you’ll see another torch glowing at the opposite end of the ravine. Instead of trying to play Russian roulette, stay back and let your party hit her.


You’ll see a fog wall, walk into it to teleport. Now talk to Gina one last time.

This will launch you upward to hack down the bees one at a time. Get near enough and you can undiscovert a surprise attack with Aya’s bow.


Infinite Undiscovery – Walkthrough/guide

Marathon Man 45 20 Hurry to the village under attack. Enter it and you’ll find Savio and another man inside.

Now return into the hallway and follow it around the next bend. At the next fork go right to find another bridge, then cross it and take the path on the right. When you are in towns, you can still connect with party members but you will need to find them first. Special skills are important, and it’s also important that you assign your allies the moves they can most readily use.

The shopkeeper will say that she is out of harpy livers, a required ingredient. After grabbing the item inflnite the chest, save. Rico and Rucha will join your party in her stead. Note that there’s a chest hidden near here in the corner of one of the crumbling walls, but it’s locked at present. You also can’t stack elemental enchants.