That was an awesome camera. Both cost an arm and a leg but it was expensive to be bleeding edge at the time. Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years. Nikon D D Technical Editor Richard Butler’s pick helped him capture his favorite images of the past 12 months: This is the point at which we chose to truncate the user-interface description in the main body of the review.

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Also accessible via the top panel, a second self-timer feature lets the photographer get in the picture with the subjects.

Simon Joinson was DPReview’s second general manager, during a time when the site underwent enormous changes, not least our relocation to the U. Admittedly though, the various pieces you might assemble from various software vendors wouldn’t integrate as seamlessly as the various parts of Picture Easy, not to mention they’d cost a fair chunk of additional money.

Kodak DC MP Digital Camera – Gray | eBay

Red-filled blocks indicate used space, while white-filled ones show digitak storage. Kodak engineers decided it would make clearer pictures if it captured an image when the button was released. The TWAIN drivers work like any other such software that we’ve used on the PC, allowing images to be imported into a wide fdee of programs: We’ve never taken sides in the row over whether image stabilization should be provided in-body or in the lens, but we’ll now list the absence of in-body stabilization as a Con in our camera reviews.


And no, I don’t think they made a more expensive one with Ping Pong paddle skin!

Kodak DC 265 1.6 MP Digital Camera – Gray

Does anyone know where to get a copy of the commands available and instructions for programming the D? My work still has one of these as the “official camera”.

The surprising ease with which she was able to share her photos across platforms using Google Photos makes it her pick. That sensor then transforms the light information into pixels. We’ve digitall our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier.

Are these details all from a 1. Bought batteries while in China, lasted like 50 shots.

The “finished file” format is no longer “news” in the digicam world, as essentially all current models provide this feature. Soon after, spent a thousand yes bucks on a DC The lens cap fit over the non movable part of the lens base which caused the motor to fight with the lens cap if bumped the power button or forgot to remove the cap.

The hit rate is too high! Not that the current approach doesn’t have it’s advantages as far as things like stability, reliability, and possibly even sustaining a niche market with more players that might otherwise be possible in a market where everyone knows more about what’s really going on inside that black box To handle such situations, the DC provides an “Albums” option, by which you can define and manipulate groups of images.


Download Kodak DC Digital Camera

The entire image was rotated degrees relative to sigital captured by the CCD sensor. What about the Canon Powershot G3? Dec 28, 88 mobile. Try to replace flashcard but will only take a hundred and twenty eight megabytes.

Our prototype unit had a “twist” of about 2 degrees in the optical viewfinder though: We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. Two indicators relating to memory performance and availability appear in the LCD viewfinder display.

As digital camera resolution has increased, the time required to process the images and save them to the camera’s memory has increased as well. Dec 28, 88 mobile.

Throwback Thursday: the Kodak DC265, a user-programmable compact

Light stream in and hits the photosensor. It was a boat anchor though! I even have the camera still. This is VERY dim though: Also, while the camera was processing images, you couldn’t change settings, or otherwise get ready for the next shot.