Power ON the IP From the memory setting mode menu, select [1] Software dipswitch setting. If the part is cracked and developer is spilling out from the developing unit: After the hard drive is replaced, register all the jobs again using the hard copies. Remove the fusing unit.

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Touch [Cancel] on the touchscreen.

Konica Minolta IP Driver – Free Download |

To properly program the current date, perform the following: Before attempting to flash the machine with an XP laptop, either delete all printers that are directed to LPT1 or direct the printers to another port.

Select [3 RADF sensor sensitivity adjustment]. If it is a Soft font, the font must first be edited to make it a PCL font then it can be modified for storage on the IP unit. Access the 47 multimode power the machine ON while holding down on the 4 and 7 keysinput code 80, press PP. Tray auto select setting] on the touchscreen.

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The cleaning blade motor tries to operate, but is unable. The software dipswitch was not set as specified in the set up instructions.


To adjust the tray size, perform the following: Solution To print the system configuration page, perform the following: Bright overhead lighting affecting the original size detecting sensors located in the RADF feed tray. The user does not expect to use special modes such as staple, booklet, letterhead, etc.


Touch the down-arrow on the lower left corner of the touchscreen. To allow recognition of the HDD, three 3 software dipswitches must be set: Follow the procedure to view the meter mibolta on the operation panel. Borders and frames around icons and panes within the driver UI may not show up correctly. Select Y and press Enter.

The file can either be saved to disk or opened. DocuTech series DocuSP 4. Replace the guide plates as necessary. To make it easier for a customer that copies large quantities knica small originals from the platen, it is recommended to select the desired paper tray and magnification ratio and then store the selections under a job in job memory.


To check M17, perform the following: There are approximately 30 registers that can be corrupt, so the above procedure may have to be done as much as 30 times. Do not measure each individually to frame ground. The punch unit CB has failed.

If OK is displayed, the memory checked good. The e-clip is detached minoltw the shaft falls off. The Toner Control Sensor Board failed.

Scroll through the available pages to obtain a complete listing of Konica Minolta Microsoft-certified drivers. The travel limit of the bypass gate is set by 2 rubber pads on the “gate” located just above the bypass gate.

Konica Minolta 7085/ip602 Driver

Highlight tab paper and highlight the paper size. Touch [OK] on the touchscreen. Finally my PC got up to speed!

To put the machine in non-graphical mode, perform the following: