Specify the desired timeout milliseconds for aborting a pending grab. Introduction Chapter Introduction Chapter 1: However, multiple compatible cameras can be accessed using port switching. Pci Interface 36 Chapter 4: For possible values, please see the documentation of your board.

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Research of Robust Feature for Speech Recognition p. Appendix B of this manual. Note that depending on the image size of the used camera a high number of buffers can exceed the available memory size of your computer, see also the non-paged memory size settings with the Matrox MILConfig configuration tool.

Matrox 63039620278 Meteor II 750-03 Meteor2/4

If the used camera does not support ub adjustment, an empty tuple is returned. By specifying the default ‘-1’ the corresponding setting of the camera configuration file is used. If the continuous grabbing mode is enabled, the camera grabs all the time.

If the used camera does not support saturation adjustment, an empty tuple is returned. Its pinout is as follows: Thus, multiple incompatible cameras can be accessed with one frame grabber board. If the used camera does not support zoom adjustment, an empty tuple is returned.

A DCF defines the input matrx format and among other things, how to accept or generate video timing signals such as horizontal sync, vertical sync, and pixel clock. Note that a pending asynchronous job blocks the switching of the port.


The saturation value of the camera. Product support Limited Warranty Matrox warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery.

No support of onboard image preprocessing capabilities. Improper handling can seriously maatrox the circuits. Note that they and also the valid parameter values!

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The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay.

Carefully position Matrox Meteor-II over the connectors and press the board firmly into place. Dynamically change the current mwteor height of the grabbed image. If the used camera does not support focus adjustment, an empty tuple is returned.

Matrox Meteor-ii Meteor2/4 Frame GRABBER Capture Card PCI Rev 02 Mq26130

Note that in combination with the continuous grabbing mode you can exploit the specific Trigger Arm Characteristics settings which can be configured in the used DCF file, see also below for more information. If the used camera does mattox support gain adjustment, an empty tuple is returned.


Dynamically change the current image width of the grabbed image. Re-added the support of Meteor-II boards in the documentation.

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This results in a reduction in cost, board meter, and power consumption, while improving performance when compared to an equivalent implementation using off-the-shelf components. If present, remove the blank metal plate located at the back of the selected slot.

Using this port switching you can access multiple cameras with one frame grabber board. Fixed bug regarding error handling in continuous grabbing mode.

Context Optional context data of the specific callback. Use the 4-pin power cable to connect the auxiliary power supply connector to the power supply in the computer. Skip to main magrox. By specifying 0, exposure is disabled and the grab is performed immediately.

To access a specific camera, you have to specify the corresponding port. Suozhang Cai and Mingli Li. Using multiple Matrox Meteor