Monday, March 1, 4: The xp driver is the most recent one put out for this system by alienware. This is the same thing I did and it got solved! Monday, April 8, 9: Proposed as answer by gaendalf Tuesday, August 18, 8: The problem seemed to be with the drivers for the RAID controller.

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Thank You for the simple steps that were begetting even me for a couple hours! I guess XP and server are going to be around for a long time in my shop I’m curently running Vista Ultimate x He has entered useful information that solves the problem posed by the thread. Friday, September 24, 7: Friday, December 25, 6: At least I have my computer working again.

Looks like only PCIExpress cards are supported. Make sure in bios you should usb enable.

On the other hand, what a bunch of losers Microsoft is. If it shows up clean, you’re probably fine.

  D646UEX SCANNER DRIVER The place to find device driver updates.

Now i want to install Windows 7 from scratch. Flashed BIOS to 2. The problem it seems to me is that after loading the drivers, Setup should prompt the user to reinsert the Win 7 Setup disk if it’s not in the drive.

The error disapeared, went on to install correctly. Thanks to Hooutoo for the 64bit note. I echo Chris Grow “Microsoft should fix this.

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Amazing how much milage this thread is getting. This is a good idea regardless of wether 32 or 64 version, unless of course you’re doing a multi-boot environment. Setup then loads the drivers and pops back to a screen where it shows you your array and then at the bottom it says “Cannot install Yet another victim, however Meggaraid Deleted the array and recreated it.

Just enough data to get me through it. This problem was the last in a long slew of problems I have had configuring a raid 1 since my hard drive crash of of over a week ago.


“Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x” Can anyone elaborate?

Friday, August 28, 7: Windows installation seems to be very finicky with having its DVD back after you load drivers. Thanks k4nth, worked a treat.

BTW, if someone’s looking for the driver it’s under Poweredge I’m not using these in Dell servers. Win7 loaded right up with XP on the boot partition. Having said all that Sunday, October 30, 1: Thursday, November 15, 4: Friday, December 18, 9: Wednesday, December 1, 8: Hope this helps hooutoo Swap drives in Bios.

I have wiped the HD megarraid, removed all accesories and tried to load Win7 again.