I have noticed that they are quite sensitive to the quality of cables being used. I have gone through 11 monitors so far in the quest to find one that looks excellent. I’m surprised the Mitsubishi-supplied cable has a problem, but it may just be the combination of the cable and the video card I’ve seen that, too. Does anyone know where I might find a good cable in the UK? CRT Collective on Facebook. We are talking economies to scale here. If it were a cable problem wouldn’t the ghosting cover the whole screen and probably be all in one direction?

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I think Samsung does advance replacement, and pays for shipping both ways.

New Mitsubishi 2060u – Your opinion

Maybe it’s the same problem? There are still the two horizontal gray wires across the screen to hold the grill in place. Vertical convergence, progressively worse from the centre of the screen downward. Are we talking disk drives here or video? However, I don’t think if Samsung provide a new unit. Laptops by Lori Grunin Aug 28, The kicker is that on the monitors that were internally curved in all directions flat shadow maskthere was ghosting at the top and bottom as well as they sides, whereas the aperture grill monitors curved only from side to side only exhibited ghosting at the sides.


I don’t believe it! The edges of the screen literally creep into place, as if they were targeting onto the right position and slowly approximating. Sat Dec 15, 9: It’s generally a voltage issue but can happen for various reasons.

New Mitsubishi u – Your opinion – Ars Technica OpenForum

This is not based on anything but personal opinion and conjecture, but you may have hit the nail on the head with your last statement about the glass. I am running same res.

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro u, Continued But the most surprising thing is that all the adjustment options can be accessed via the software in Windows, as with some of the Eizo monitors. Big and bright but mitsubjshi little frill-free for the money Big and bright but a little mitsubisji for the money by Lori Grunin.

Anyhow, when this test is done on a curved face shadow mask monitor, there is NO bleeding at all. Well I thought ,itsubishi best to chime in and clarify a few things.

The one I’m typing on right now is running 56 Hz In order to make the face of the monitor flat an additional layer of glass is added to the monitor. Log in or Sign up.

SectionRow E, Seat 23 Registered: Cornerstone C, Continued Page 8: When I say slightly, it is easily noticable in everyday use, just not 2060uu. As other monitors exhibited the bleeding but not the ghosting, that adds to my belief that these are two seperate things and that the bleeding is mitzubishi in part by internal curvature and extra glass. My midi tower sits right next to the monitor, could that cause the problem? It’s another feature that makes these displays look exceptionally good.


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I gotta take a video of this soon When you are in the market of mass production you go with the most cost effective mitsbishi common denominator. I know you, among others are of the opinion that the cable should be better than what is included. Just moving a box of text around the screen in notepad is enough for me to see the mitsubisih in focus. Considering my monitor is 19″, your problem is definitely not normal.

Oops, forgot about this. How readable is small text on your u?

It determines how sharp the characters in your text document or spreadsheet look.