No replacing yet, missing samples. If someone want to make the upgrade on his M17x R4, well it can be done and as you can see the good old M17x R4 can still be up to date against today’s laptops, for much cheaper. Some info in this thread is not correct. If you have same issue that I had, then you just need to follow steps I explained and it will work fine. Jup, dann passt das. One guy in China tried, he wired it wrong, and burned out the GPU.

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It’s not unlocked vbios that you need, but unlocked bios which is not the same. If they desire, they can create their own czrd MXM layout. Jup, dann passt das.

M17X R4 GTX980M Upgrade

The techpowerup database should be used only as a last resort and only if it is a newer version and ONLY IF it is compatible with your card. Not yet as new as others, but definitely better than the old one.

A very big failure on Dell’s side if you ask me, especially since this has been reported here and in other forums as well on the dell community site and it was said that people would look into this Dell is a big company with lots of disparate divisions. My laptop is Dell inspiron Thanks for your hard work and patience with guys myself who speed read tutorials. I suspect there must be something with the name or path. This is currently done caard the database file.


It’s not at all surprising.

UEFI GOP Updater für AMD & NV [Archiv] – 3DCenter Forum

Sollte ich jetzt den GOP-Treiber installieren oder es lieber sein lassen?: But, according to MSI, there are just too many differences between the 9-series and the series to make a similar upgrade kit possible. Edited April 29, by aaronloveweed added pics. It has the same MXM circuit board mounting points for securing the module to your motherboard and the dGPU is located in the same location as the other 9-series dGPUs with regard to the edge connector.

Make sure the name of the folder doesn’t have any strange characters. The current situation is that the cards still have a legacy ROM part, which makes it a hybrid firmware.

The compatibility of MXM modules with one another is a bit of concern because first generation MXM modules are not compatible care second generation modules and vice versa. What are the temps of the ? Posted January 1, Try updating the BIOS. I just add the image after this container, then fix the last-image-bit in first ROM and last special image. Go To Topic Listing Alienware.


Posted December 31, At the moment the graphics mzm on the virtual routes are very “jumpy” and my objective is to try and smooth this out. Register a new account. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. Posted May 19, edited. Also I took a quick look at it and wrote down the most important changes post 4.

Flashing instructions for Nvidia: Mx core i3 m 2. Notice in the above photos that this is a pre-production “Version 0B” circuit board and there is a jumper wire on the back side where it was “fixed”.

I do not know if there were any vBIOS issues. Posted May 12, I take it that carf have disabled legacy option roms? Not all laptops with discrete graphics cards have MXM modules because in most of the laptops discrete graphics card is non-removable and is soldered permanently to the motherboard.